R.I.P. SEO….Really?

By admin

  • October 5, 2012,

SEO is no more, it’s dead, it’s the thing of the past. Well, now if you say that too, you probably need to put forth a strong reason for the same. If you cannot, you are standing on the wrong side of the river. Have a closer look and you will realize that SEO is still going strong, in fact stronger than ever. So, should you be dismissing those who say SEO is dead?

Web designers believe that, “SEO is poisoning the web”. Bloggers too have a similar opinion. Even the latest Social Media gurus believe that SEO is dead and Social is the future.

So, is SEO truly dead? To find out, check out the infographic posted below.

SEO is dead.


Is SEO no more? Ask your SEO company and it is sure to disagree. You just need to figure out why SEO is still going strong!

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