Reasons Why Companies Suffer a Social Media Strategy Failure

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  • November 26, 2012,

Social Media has greatly benefited millions of businesses across the globe, and as a result, you only hear about Social Media success stories and hardly come across a Social Media failure. Yes, the failure does occur, but you hardly hear about it. Why? For no one likes to disclose their failures!! It would be quite odd for a company to say, “Hey! We are screwed by our social media strategies.”  At the same times, even the smallest of error on social media network could prove quite expensive for apart from the tarnished image, recovering from it costs money and takes up a great deal of time and effort.

Some of the key factors for a social media strategy failure include –

Unrealistic expectations

Social Media is definitely not a magic wand. So, don’t expect it to turn good things into best within a single day. It obviously wont’ transform your business overnight. So, if you are setting up your bar too high, you better watch out. You may face a serious disappointment. Of course social media will surely help you achieve your goal but bit by bit. Don’t expect to win the derby before you even hop on to the horse.

Lack of Transparency

Now, here lies a major problem. In order to get the best results within a very short period, many companies tend to hide a few aspects from their customers, and therefore there seems to be no transparency. Customers would definitely not want to make a deal with you unless they know who you are and what you offer. Of course, your prices may be a bit higher, but that doesn’t mean you should hide it. The best thing would be to first gain the confidence of your audiences by telling them that you are different, truly different. Once you get them on this one, price won’t bother them too much.

Social Media Alone

You definitely must have heard about companies doing really good at social media. Take for instance Dell who makes millions across social media alone. But don’t forget that the company’s total revenue is over $60 billion, and therefore social media marketing seems to be just a single brick in the wall for Dell. So, if you are planning to base your sales around Social Media alone, you probably won’t get what you expect. It is important that you work on implementing other strategies as well that will rightly supplement your social media campaigns.

No enough content

Most companies largely focus on the tools rather than incorporating enough content such as blog posts, updates on Facebook, videos, photos, etc. Without the right amount of content you definitely cannot expect to bring in consumers on a regular basis. Though producing quality content is not easy and quick, but it sure enough helps in the long run.

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