Reasons Why You Need to Fall in Love with Google Penguin

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  • September 3, 2012,

Reasons Why You Need

Wondering why your competitor’s website is right at the top even though it is nowhere close to what your website is offering? You can probably blame it on the old (or call it the ancient) website ranking Google algorithms. However, with the latest Penguin algorithm, Google is now ready with its sleeves folded up high to knock down the all-nonsense websites. Ouch! This is sure to hit hard. So, if you have been walking the right track for all these years, you finally have someone to hear your prayers. Here is what one needs to do in order to be safe from the wrath of the new Google Penguin algorithm.

No Quality? No talking.

Quality isn’t that important? Now, if you are in a habit of saying this, you need to give it up right away. There was a time when you just stuffed your website content with the relevant keywords, and there you were, right at the top. If you plan to continue with this, you are sure to lose all your present Glory. Google Penguin will now be rating the websites solely based on its quality and not quantity of the relevant keywords present. It seems like there is a lot of hard work to do, at least for these who simply stuff their website with keywords. Make sure rather than loading up your website with hundreds of relevant keywords, concentrate on producing quality content for your website.

Thou shall not steal

Now, here is what many website owners love doing, stealing content. Imagine you own a website created right from scratch, with every bit of it being authentic. However, your lazy competitor then copies your website content, rephrases it and finally adds it to his own website with all the relevant keywords – yes note it down, ‘relevant keywords’. So, even though you did all the hard work, your competitor took away the piece of cake by moving right at the top of the list. The new Google Penguin update will now be knocking down websites with irrelevant or copied content. Happy, aren’t you?

More links, more pain

Limit the number of links in your content. More the number of links, more likely is your website to lose its current top ranking. Also, make sure that you logically place your links into the content. Don’t just stuff them all into the sidebar. Moreover, rather than placing the links in the footer, ensure that they are somewhere at the top, as Penguin loves appreciating links that are placed up high.

Get Started All Over Again

In case you feel that your website is completely messed up and there is a lot you need to do in order to correct it all, it will be wise to get started all over again. Of course, this may consume a good amount of time, but that’s the only way you can get things right. Make sure you don’t even add an inch of your old website into the new one. Hire a good SEO company India to do it all for you.

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