Rightly Blending Social Signals with SEO

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  • November 14, 2012,

Imagine you are planning to make a huge investment. You definitely won’t go ahead with a deal without taking a few recommendations from experts and the ones you know closely. A recommendation is nothing but a vote that helps you arrive to the right decision, and social signals seem to be no different. An example would be your website link posted on your Facebook fan page. Every like you get for the link is counted as a recommendation. Similarly, you can use numerous other social signals such as tweets and Google +.

Multiple studies have been conducted in the past to find out the exact relation between Social Signals and SEO. The results did largely vary, but it is clear that social signals are presently enjoying a huge amount of popularity, and this leaves us with a few questions. Let’s check them out.

Can Social Signals improve your search ranking? If yes, then how?

The fact that social signals can boost your website ranking is highly debatable. While many believe that social signals can help, a few term it as yet another ineffective strategy to enhance your search rankings. However, you cannot negate the fact that social signals do have a great impact on organic search rankings.

So, where does the impact come from? Obviously, from the number of visitors that like your product or service on Facebook, the number of shares the post receives, the number of followers you have on twitter and the number of people having you in their circles on G plus.

Can we expect social signals to have a good future?

Few years down the line, corporate players not having an effective social strategy in place are sure to be knocked down by the ones that do, and why not when everyone these days is talking about being social. The present generation prefers spending more time on social media channels, and this has forced businesses to utilize social signals as an effective tool to increase their online visibility.

Secondly, many hold a tendency of trusting a website only if recommended by a friend. A search engine terms these shares as recommendations, which is further responsible for improving your website ranking. So, no wonder why then social signals will only be witnessing good days in future.

How do you improve your website’s social signals?

Like SEO, social signals also have two basic core elements with regard to social media – onsite and offsite. It is important that you rightly define both of these elements to establish an effective social media campaign. Online elements include share buttons, connect buttons and a blog whereas a YouTube account, Twitter account, Facebook page are some of the offline elements that can help you attract some serious potential customers.

SEO services India have now started viewing ‘social signals’ as one of the most crucial tools to improves one’s search ranking. No wonder why then including ‘social signals’ into your SEO campaigns can offer you and your company the most needed online visibility.

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