Sales Copywriting for your Brand’s Social Media Profiles

By Team Logicserve

  • September 26, 2014,

LSD-Blog--Sales-copywriting @LogicserveDigi The use of social media for brand promotion is a relatively new concept and a very effective one if you know how to go about it. Whether personal or business branding, you cannot go wrong if you are able to focus on delivering value to your target audience. Social media sites are best used to connect and there should not be an attempt to close like you would on a field sales call. The sales copywriting therefore needs to be pretty subtle.

So what is this process of value creation?

While it is business specific, there are some ideas you can try for your posts on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Face Book fan pages that are generic and are usually well received.

  • Help your audience by pointing them to a post that provides them solutions for the issues they are struggling with. A retailer for instance can throw in an enticing time bound discount offer on a product through his tweet.
  • A restaurant could engage the audience through a post that offers a free meal for the first customer visiting them and doing a particular dance number. This is not only a subtle invitation to their restaurant for anybody in the target audience but also engages with them in a nice and fun manner.
  • Similarly, somebody marketing information can point people to sites or content that offer varied and informative content or he could throw in an eBook for all those who visit a particular site.

You would have observed that in all the above cases, there is some value provided to the target audience. This makes the process of sales copywriting for social media an interesting and creative endeavor as there are many ways by which you can create this value.

Customers Connect Initiative:  

Your primary sales pitch and value creation must have led to the much required connection with your customers. As your customer trust gains ground, it is time to make the overt sales pitch as they understand you well and even connect with you in a better manner.

At this stage, your customers are likely to visit your social media pages to satisfy their curiosity towards your brand and its offering. This could encourage them to click on the links which redirect them to your website for gaining more information about your brand.

At this stage, you will not encourage them to visit or like any of your social media profiles or redirect them to check out the links you are providing there. In fact, it is not prudent to promote your products or ask for reviews or endorsements through social media unless they voluntarily do so. All you can do is offer them with useful tips and guidance with regards to their requirement irrespective of their purchase decision.   The objectives of sales copywriting for social media can therefore be summarized as under:

  1. Provide benefit to the reader
  2. Arouse sufficient curiosity
  3. Share information and content they would like to look at or see value
  4. Offer solutions to the issues the reader is confronted with.


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