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  • July 25, 2014,

Benefits of Guest blogging @LogicserveDigi

Doing well in SEO requires too many things to work well together. One of the most important things that make the SEO benefits tick is Guest Blogging which is the latest trend. As the name suggests, guest blogging is the act of posting your work in someone else’s website/blog.

The post can be a piece of art, some part of the blog or may even be original research article on a relevant site or blog. There are many benefits that can come out of frequent guest blogging and anyone looking to boost the SEO campaign should know understand these benefits which is of utmost importance

Builds Relationships in the Blogging Community:

This point lies at the centre of the benefits that guest blogging offers. When you start posting on other blogs you are exposed to a new readership and at the same time, you will notice that the reach of your brand expands. The feedback you get from these new readers might help your overall blogging style. In addition, on the technical side, you get a back link to your website. It won’t take a lot of explanation to grasp how backlinks to your website would help your search ranks. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The blog in which you post as a guest author, also gets bumped up because of the back link that you may provide by advertising the post on various social media outlets.

Increase in Social Media Shares:

With an increased readership, the number of social media shares would certainly be more than usual. The more important thing is that you would be shared in a different social media circle with the guest blog, which would increase your social media reach.

Adding Authority to Your Voice:

If you manage to post a quality article in a reputed source, the advantages to your brand would be enormous. Initially, you may not find many visitors to your website but over a period of time as you continue to post relevant and engaging articles, the readers may begin to show interest in your writing. Being consistently good is the key here. Guest blogging thus gives you the voice which maybe missing in your blog website

Set a limit to your guest blogging activities:

Guest blogging will diversify your readership base and in turn will help you discover business opportunities, which you would not have known, existed because of limited readership. But, if done in haste, you may find an awkward inclusion being backfired. If you are an experienced blogger with even a gamut of reputation, you may receive plenty of unsolicited requests to guest blog. DO NOT BLOG ANYWHERE.

The key here is to understand that only relevant guest posts help the SEO. It is always the same rule: Content is the King. Moreover, the only way to make that work is by posting on the websites that are in your ‘blogosphere’.


Guest blogging is a very important component of your SEO success. With the right guest posts, you may be able to convert many of the readers, who would not have otherwise read your work.

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