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  • July 19, 2014,

copywriting3It will be people who would eventually buy, but you need the Search Engine bots to nudge them your way. So SEO Copywriting can be defined as

copywriting1Gone are the days when business websites we optional. Enter Google, and affordable broadband services, every business must have a website, irrespective of the nature of their business. People no longer reach out to “Yellow Pages” the book, instead, instinctively Google to locate a certain product or a service. The irony is, “Yellow pages” too is listed on Google.

The Logic behind SEO Copywriting

  • Consumers are looking for solutions.
  • Businesses are offering solutions…and have a website / blog that says it all.
  • They are unlikely to find each other on their own.
  • Search Engines pitch in- and pair them up exactly when they are asking for it.


Now that we have established that it is an absolute necessity to have a website, AND, also looked into the logic of how search engines acts as matchmaker between consumer and the business provider … it is time to harness the power of this knowledge.

Quality trumps all the time, SEO is no different

Until recent past (2013) crafting an SEO content means to stuff your content with keywords. But Google caught on, and this method was discredited. Indiscriminate keyword stuffing had resulted in some sites getting banned. Google switched its strategy from Quantity to Quality to thwart off keyword stuffing and harness authority of content.

But how do you tell a robot to assess “Quality”? Isn’t it relative?
Can Robots do that?
Well. Google has logic (& therefore an algorithm >Program > code) for everything.

Google believes, if others are talking about your product (on websites, Social media, etc) then you must be good enough. In other words, your product / service should be so compelling that it should generate the desire to “I like this so much – that -let me tell the world about it”. This act in turn translates into building trust and authority (on/about your business) and more members want to connect with you. As this trust grows, so does your page rank. As your page rank soars, you automatically get the top slot on Google results.

Sonia Simone succinctly puts this as under



While SEO Copywriting is all about creating a compelling, yet persuasive content, one cannot overlook the importance of keywords. You can still make your SEO content keyword rich by strategically placing them within the content. The idea is, it should make sense with the content and not stick out like a sore thumb. This way your SEO Content satisfies the robots and the people coming in to read.

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