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  • May 8, 2012,

Marketing is an indispensible part of any business and with the epidemic outbreak of the online marketing, competition is inevitable. In the face of this cut-throat competition it is the need of staying in the game that is driving websites to improve their content and be SEO friendly. Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is often comprehended as a science of augmenting the visibility and ranking of a website in a search results page. It is also an art of using Meta tags in an efficient manner, analysing the density of keywords and placing them essentially in the text with the help of software tools and techniques. This unique amalgamation of science and art is what drives the sales or signups or any other action that a website or business targets.

With the advent of powerful search engines like Google and Bing, people turn to these engines in search of answers to their every question and the search engines also oblige by offering plethora of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to the user. The search engine does this by running complex algorithms and returning web pages that the algorithms think are most relevant to the search being performed. This link between the user and the website that bears the required information is established by the SEO services. The earlier a website appears in the search engine results pages better are the chances of generating all click-through traffic. The first page of a result generates 90% of the click through traffic, second page – 4.37%, third page 2.42%, fourth – 1.07% and rest of the pages generate less than 1% traffic. These figures suggest that it is absolutely vital for company’s or business’s website to appear on the first page to enhance the chances of being noticed as users hardly turn to second page in search of results to their query.

The SEO services have emerged as the most potent strategy that brings business and consumers close by placing the website or the webpage at a top level in the SERPs returned by a search engines. The SEO techniques involve keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization; out of which the keyword research is the most crucial. The keywords referred here could be a single word, a phrase or collection of words that can be best associated with a website. These days, companies are hiring SEO specialists that can determine the potency of relevant keywords and can use them strategically in the content of their website so that they can be picked quickly whenever a relevant search is performed. More clicks on a web-link ensure better business since in maximum number of cases visitor turn into potential clients or customers.

From the business point of view another area that SEO services strike is the cost, these services are pretty cost-effective in comparison to other media like print, television or radio. The investment in SEO services is similar to the investment done while setting up the business and one can anticipate incessant proceeds on the investment. SEO can be considered as branding and marketing strategy that is oriented at boosting business by gaining an edge over other rivals on account of better and tactful keyword placement in the content. SEO services India has come forth as a promising sector that guarantees better business at affordable prices.

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