SEO Vs PPC The Preferred Marketing Strategy

By Prasad Shejale

  • March 31, 2008,

With the Search Engine it is also important to decide the preferred marketing strategy – Search Engine Optimization or Pay per Click.

These are two different marketing strategies working on different aspects of a website. Before setting on the preferred method it is important to know the underlying facts about each.

PPC familiarizes the user to your web site. If liked the user is then glued to your site. The more the user the better the Search Engines will like your site. This is one of the prime reasons of alluring huge visitors to your site. Search Engine Optimization gets more targeted traffic to your web site through the search engine thus; a lot of marketers would prefer SEO to PPC.

PPC is text-based advertising on a Search Engine whereas SEO has a lot to do with page rank and link popularity. In PPC will have to bid money in order to be listed first but SEO will require content, design and links to make the site linked.

Though it is difficult to manipulate, studies show that PPC brings stability and predictability to some extend whereas SEO involves a lot of tedious task. On the other hand SEO can be done free and you have to pay for PPC.

Needless to say, people should constantly look for new and unique ways to bring traffic to their web sites eventually culminates into business gains.

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