Should the best content be on your site or be given away?

By Logicserve News Desk

  • June 28, 2018,


One of the commonest dilemmas content writers encounter is where does their content belong the best? Would it reap them more benefits if they decided to have the content on their own page? Or would it be wiser to give it away?

Considering the dominance of SEO criteria in every form of content that goes up these days, there has been a lot of debate regarding where it would be best to place optimised promotional content. And though opinions regarding this vary, they sort of depend on the goals of the webmaster in concern. This eventually makes the debate settle down a bit considering subjectivity and the varied needs of online content developers.

The rapid proliferation of meaningful content

Content is now a major aspect of marketing. This has opened floodgates to this profession now as more and more people are starting up with content. Content is gaining acknowledgement fast. As more and more people start off as newbies, they usually are unaware of the benefits that come with the correct placement of content online.

There are also some who would just like to guest post. They would rather write for columns and editorials for other sites than maintain one for themselves. They do this as maintaining a blog or online journal requires efforts and time. This is an aspect of content not all are willing to comply with.

Why having it in-house matters?

Many, however, are of the opinion that if you happen to create quality content, it is preferable to have it on your own site. This makes sense as having quality content would benefit your page and up your SERP ranking. Though the scope of having your page discovered and gaining momentum in the form of web traffic is slower than having your content on other sites, many web content developers prefer their content be on their own site.

Why having it put out on other sites is better?

The scales, therefore, tip in favour of having your finest, most optimised content placed on other websites. This adds branches to your content and offers platforms to place your content. This is an effective way of getting your finesse out there. Established platforms have better traffic. This saves you from having to build traffic up from scratch.

Posting your content on websites that garner steady flow of web traffic renders your website enough link juice to function. You get traction in the least amount of efforts possible. Your website does not have to outperform the big names out there but once you manage to get in enough link juice for your site, you manage to automatically compete against the big names. This gets your site credibility and trust in an organic manner.

Another benefit of posting on other websites is that, in case of an emergency (like a server issue), your content would be unharmed, and your website’s numbers would stay unaffected.

Having your content on other website manages to give you the benefits of their website’s credibility and top-notch services without having to shell out hefty amounts of money yourself. In conclusion, the idea of posting content elsewhere has an upper edge over having quality content on your own site.

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