Small Business Owners Need To Know This About SEO And PPC

By Team Logicserve

  • November 8, 2015,

Tips to improve visibility of small business websites @LogicserveDigi

The challenge of trying to get a small business website to become visible can certainly be tough to work with. This is especially the case when it comes to getting on a search engine. It is a necessity to get onto a search engine so it will be easier for the people to see that your business is out there. One thing you can do in order to become visible is to utilize pay per click and SEO, or search engine optimization, plans. These are great solutions that will help you get the most out of your business’ efforts when marketing online so you will have more control over what you are doing within your business. This can provide you with more help for your site as needed so you will have a better appearance and support setup that you can appreciate.


What Are These Two About? Pay per click advertising is a format that is popular among businesses looking to stand out. It helps you get on top of a search engine by having your site linked up to certain keywords. This is provided that you spend a proper amount of money on each click within your campaign. This is ideal for local campaigns when you are trying to target people within a certain area. For instance, the Southern Sun hotel chain in South Africa established a PPC campaign that focused on reaching local traffic, promoting hotels in specific areas and listing information on sales through PPC ads. The campaign ended up having a return on investment for local responses that was nearly twice as what it got internationally, thus increasing awareness among people in South Africa where the chain’s hotels are.

Southern Sun Hotel PPC

Meanwhile, you can use search engine optimization to make it easier for your site to be naturally found on a search engine. This often entails functions like taking care of the site map on a site, creating enough descriptive tags on a page and getting as much unique content as possible while using keywords that are ideal to your situation. An example of this comes from the efforts Nike Golf made to make its website more visible. Nike Golf adjusted its website to be more HTML-based while using added tags that would be listed within a website’s code without taking longer for them to load. This in turn allowed the website to become easier to read and not blank when a search engine reviewed what it had.

Nike Gold products HTML  page


What to Think About There are many good points that you deserve to consider when thinking about using any of these methods:

  • Make sure you think about the budget that you have for a PPC campaign. Think about how much you are willing to spend per click and then consider the approximate number of clicks that you are willing to spend on. Sometimes you might have the ability to limit your order to work until a specific number of clicks are reached.
  • There are also times when the cost of your PPC campaign might increase due to the demand for a keyword and the competition that you’ve got to bear with. Check every week to see if the value of your campaign is changing to where it’s either more expensive or a little more affordable.
  • The arrangement of your website must be reviewed carefully. This includes a need to take a look at how you’re going to handle the content on your site to make it useful.
  • You must also think about the keywords you want to use on your SEO campaign. This in turn can help you out with getting your site ready while guiding you on the right path when creating the best possible forms of content.
  • You also have to be cautious when preparing your website based on the types of plug-ins or other non-text features that you plan on using within your site. This is to ensure that you are carefully organizing your website based on what you want to highlight.


Consider Your Upgrades You need to get your upgrades to your site to work to their best right away if you want your SEO or PPC campaigns to work. Triumvirate Environmental, a company that focuses on handling environmental and hazardous waste in a safe manner, established its own blog and shared its content with as many social media sites as possible. These are two popular SEO strategies used to make a page more visible. This in turn increased the site’s number of social media followers and its rankings on social media pages. Meanwhile, Cisco opened its own social listening center to identify what was going on with the company on social media in terms of its mentions and how people identified with the brand. This helped them company to figure out what keywords it needs to use and how to target people in the proper manner when getting online and making itself more visible. The ways how Cisco worked with this content in mind proved to be essential for helping the company to identify new ways to make more money and to make its functions more visible. Regardless of what you plan on using, you can contact Logicserve Digital for help with your online marketing needs. You can use the LogicSpeak program in particular yo help you out with organizing your setups the right way so it will be rather easy for you to get the most out of your SEO or PPC plans.


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