Snapchat ups the ante by launching a new program that pairs brands with platform influencers

By Logicserve News Desk

  • August 3, 2018,

Being one of the major social media platforms in the game, Snapchat aims to leave no stone unturned. In an attempt to generate more revenue than it already is, Snapchat turns its focus towards platform influencers. The image-oriented app is now working to bridge the gap between them and the influencers after a brief period of ignoring the platform’s most prominent content creators.

In order to make this bridge happen, Snap inc. has launched a new program. This program is called Snapchat Storytellers and comes across as sweet music to influencers’ ears. This is an attempt to connect brands to Snapchat influencers, which leads to productive and brand-oriented content creation.

This pilot attempt will introduce brands to a select list of Snapchat’s most known content makers. This includes personalities like Mplatco, Shonduras and even Cyrene Q.

Snapchat gets a competitive edge

This definitely is a brilliant move played by Snapchat. Brands are increasingly turning to social media platforms, knowing that this is where a majority of their target audience resides. The easiest way to connect with your audiences is to reach out to them via social media connections. And while making a name for your brand on social media would require a whole different set of people and a lot of resources, merging up with pre-existing social media personalities and making collaborative content is a win-win for everyone – that is the content creator, the brand, and of course, Snapchat.

Influencer marketing, as it is called, is a trending marketing strategy used by brands these days. And when you weigh the pros it gets to your brand; it clearly seems to be a viable and feasible option.

Why influencer marketing matters?

Companies are opting for influencer marketing and reaping benefits like never before. Quite efficiently so, they get to use the expertise of creators who already know the platform in and out. Moreover, they also know how to build an audience and how to garner their attention. They are experts when it comes to using tools efficiently. They are also well versed with the possible outcomes of posts that go out. One could go as far as to call these social media influencers as contractual social media consultants a company reaches out to, only for a brief period of time, to perhaps push content across effectively.

How can Snapchat add value?

Snapchat being a relatively tricky, but immensely popular platform, companies rather not waste time figuring out moving about or navigating through the app to find ways to push content out. The onus of finding ways to present fresh content to audiences through influencers seems like a sure-fire method to ensure your content performs well, which is essentially all that a marketing team would desire.

Snapchat has been on the trail for brand-creator collaboration for quite a while now. Snap inc, in February, gave access to famous content creators on its app to get an analytical and in-depth summary of their posts. They also held the company’s first ever “Creator’s summit” back in May this year.

While the program is still taking baby steps, the expansion of it is small. However, the potential it holds is immense. Businesses now have a chance to reach out to newer audiences effectively, by tapping onto prolific content creators who make engaging content consistently.

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