Snapchat Wants To Expand Snaps’ Exposure With A Feature To Share Content Outside the App

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 4, 2018,

Snapchat has been undergoing significant changes to become more and more relevant to what the market needs. According to reports, there is another interesting change coming in Snapchat.

With the idea of spreading snaps everywhere, Snapchat is trying to launch “Stories Everywhere” option in their platform. The social media platform wants to provide content that can last longer than just a few hours. Though the option called “Memories” is already there, Stories Everywhere would allow the snaps to appear on websites and applications outside the native Snapchat app.

Snap content shareable on other platforms

With the new sharing option, Snapchat wants to enhance the exposure of the snap content and let it be discovered by people who aren’t a part of the Snapchat ecosystem. The users would get the ability to share their snaps on their own app or website. With this move, the company wants to increase the reach and improve their revenues.

The sharable Snaps would allow the creators to have them forever. The content won’t just disappear after a few hours of creation. This comprehensive presence will give more visibility to Snapchat. More ways would become available for the users to come to Snapchat from other platforms.

Benefits for brands and influencers

Snapchat has always been questioned by the brands, companies, and influencers regarding the disappearance of the content. The businesses put a lot of effort into their Snap content pieces. But they all last for only a few hours.

Snapchat has answered these questions by providing ‘Memories’ option that allows the creators to repost their Snaps. Now, with the new ‘Stories everywhere’ option, Snapchat would improve the abilities of the businesses to promote their content. So, it would not be wrong to say that this feature is going to drive positive results for brands and influencers.

A step further away from the core idea

The core idea of Snapchat was the disappearing content. But the social media platform has understood the requirement of everlasting content requirement. That is why the company launched the Memories option a year ago. The reposting of the Snaps allows users to have their content available for a longer time.

The ‘Stories Everywhere’ would allow users to make the content existing outside Snapchat too. It is one step away from the core idea of the social media platform. But it would definitely be for the best. As the feature will help all sorts of users to promote and exist, more users will come to the platform.

Other platforms shifting towards everlasting content

It is not just Snapchat; other platforms have understood the importance of everlasting content. Instagram is also moving away from the temporary content with new features.

Social media is not just about the general users anymore. The influencers and brands have become an important part, and are giving business to social media platforms.

It is going to be interesting to see how ‘Stories Everywhere’ changes Snapchat for companies and websites. The content creation will definitely obtain a growth for sure. More brands would include Snapchat in their social media and content strategy.

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