Social Media Strategy Simplified

By Team Logicserve

  • September 17, 2014,

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It is one thing to know how a tool works,
But, it is an entirely different thing to know,
…how to get the tool to work for you.

That is Social Media Strategy in a nut-shell.

Social Media has come of age over last decade. It is probably handfuls who are not on Facebook, or Linkedin, or Twitter. Other social media platforms like Go2Crowd and Quora are fast catching up… but that is a topic for another day.

Given the mass appeal generated by Social Media Platforms, businesses realize the impact it could have on their business. We are already seeing several success stories on how people are making big money using social media. For kicks….

  1. This Photographer Just Made $15K In One Day On Instagram – Daniel Arnold
  2. Meet The 20-Year-Old Millennial Making A Living Off Facebook – Koby Conrad

There there, hold your horses. Don’t let the big bucks blind you.

It is their Social Media Strategy that actually made things work for them.

Social Media Strategy: Action Plan & the act itself

330x330_1 @LogicserveDigiThis phase is what defines your entire social media engagement, and could possibly take weeks / months to come to a definite objective.

Each goal is referred to as “Social Media Campaign”.

The response to these two questions will pretty much define your goal. However, feel free to improvise. No one knows your business than you.


  • What are planning to achieve by this campaign?…as in…
    1. E.g.: New Book launch – drive sales
    2. E.g.: Customer meet up event – get more people to book ticket
  • When do you plan to close on the results?…as in…
    1. E.g. : When sales cross 10K mark
    2. E.g. :When we have clocked in x-billing hours

330x330_2 @LogicserveDigiThe best thing with Social media is, you get to be at many places at the same time, without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Coming up with a set of tactics will only get you to the start-line. It is your (team’s) diligence to stick to executing the tactics that will define the success of your social media campaign.

Get your facts on these two questions; you are good to devise your very own social media strategy.

  • Know your Customer base:

Categorize your social media followers into categories. Drive your campaign to only those to whom it might matter. Indiscriminate dumping of campaign material is not just bad tactic, worse still; you could end up being branded as spam by rest of the followers.

  • Know your Social media platforms & its tools

Not all are active on all social platforms. Study your customer base and select top 5 platforms they are active on. Donot overlook the importance of integration tools for these platforms. Select the tools that all allow you to manage multiple social media accounts from a single window. Also ensure that this tool is made available across all your devices (PC/Laptop/Tabs/Smartphone etc)

 Every Social media analysis report has established that, the success of a campaign comes down to two major factors. The customer, and his preferred social media platform .ie Customer makes a purchase after getting to your about your product somewhere / somehow. So, your social media strategy should be tailored around these two facets to ensure maximum reach and conversion.


A Good copywriter should be able to come up with intriguing teasers that will pique your network’s interest. A Good Social Media Coordinator sees to that the teasers reach the right kind of network on time. Should you find someone who can do both, consider yourself supremely blessed.


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