Spotify Testing Voice-enabled Ads for Select Users in the US

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 9, 2019,

It’s no surprise that in-app ads are one of the least enjoyed features that spoil the experience of using the application for the end users. Whether you’re browsing videos on YouTube or listening to music on Spotify, an ad pops up now and then. Nearly all users wait the minimum number of seconds before they can skip the ad.

It’s no wonder that digital advertisers are looking at new ways to engage with viewers. Recently, as reported by TechCrunch, Spotify is testing a voice-enabled ads in the US, as a way to boost viewer engagement. It looks like the future of ads is here – you may have to speak to ads before you can skip it.

Spotify Testing Voice-enabled Ads

These new ads will be displayed for a select number of Spotify free-version users, who have the microphone enabled in their settings. These new ads will require listeners to repeat a specific phrase to get the app to perform a specific action. For instance, these ads may inform users about a new playlist that may suit their music preferences. Listeners can then say, “Play Now,” to play that specific playlist.

On the other hand, if the user doesn’t say “Play Now,” or responds with another phrase like “No,” “Not Interested,” the ad will play as usual and then take the user back to what they were listening earlier. Reports say that the user’s microphone will be turned on only during the time of saying the phrase and it will be switched off, once the user says something – either the specific phrase or something else.

Right now, these ads are limited only to Spotify’s playlists and podcasts. But, TechCrunch reports that Spotify is working on ways to use this new feature to promote advertisers. Speculations are rife that popular body spray brand, Axe is working on offering users its own curated playlist, and you can use this feature to check out the playlist offered by Axe.

Spotify has not yet made any official announcements regarding this feature. With over 116 million subscribers of the free version of the app, it’s yet to be known how users will take up to this new feature. Tech experts believe that this new feature will not be welcomed by users who listen to music on Spotify in the background, while doing other tasks like – working out, studying, household tasks, etc. They believe that this could potentially put off users, just like the time, when Spotify tried to force feed users who listen to music with podcasts.

The positive news here is that users right now have the option to turn off “voice-enabled ads.” You can do so using the settings menu in the app. Right now, this feature is being tested on free-version users of the app in the US both on iOS and Android platforms.

It must be noted that not just Spotify, other tech brands like Pandora, Audiomack are also testing out voice-enabled ads. It looks like voice will play an increasing role in the future.

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