Steps to make social messaging effective

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  • February 1, 2013,

With Facebook touching a billion lives and Twitter reaching out to 500 million, social media marketing has truly come of age. During its infancy, not many in the industry had imagined that it would be creating such a huge impact; but it has!

Indeed, Facebook has emerged as one of the most cost effective means of promoting a brand and the best part about it is that it allows the promoter to directly interact with the user group in real-time. But with this evolution, the challenge of managing social media messages has surfaced and in the absence of proper management strategies and tools, social media marketing will fail to make the desired impact at a desired time.

Fortunately, there are ready-to-use tools available in the market, which when used, make social media messaging highly effective for e.g. Wildfire (by Google), Insights, Sendible, iContact and AgoraPulse etc. The biggest challenge here is to find the right one that meets all / most of the needs of the promoters.

Zeroing in on the right tool may be way too difficult for amateurs and hence hiring a Social Media Marketing Company to do the needful would be the best step forward for any promoter, seriously considering social media marketing. It adds the most needed professional touch to all the engagements that a brand has, with its users / prospective users.

The following paragraphs give some valuable insights that help make social messages more effective.

  • Creating filters that route messages / queries from users to the right person, who’s responsible for addressing that issue (from the promoter’s side) is one great way to enhance the effectiveness of social messages. For e.g. Creating a filter, “Where can I buy…” will help the promoter to route any such query to the right / concerned person automatically, saving manual intervention and hence, a lot of time.
  • Sending messages to a preset target group is another step that could save a lot of time and effort. Using this tool, messages could be sent out to a specific group of users based on geography, gender, age, language, relationship status etc. automatically.
  • Using tools that help to keep track of all the messaging activity carried out by a brand automatically. Such tools help brand-promoters to track messages by keyword, date, message type, age and content etc. This is great, when it comes to organizing and managing messages sent by users as well as promoters.
  • Using tools that help brands to post messages to different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from just one place is another great means available to brand promoters to optimally utilise their creative assets as well as time.

As you can see, all these activities need great amounts of professional inputs, in order to yield fruitful results. Hence, it would be best to approach a Social Media Marketing Company which has the necessary expertise to carry out social media marketing activities of a brand to an all new level.

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