Successful Marketing Movements of 2017

By Team Logicserve

  • March 10, 2017,
Successful Marketing Movements of 2017

In this information-driven era, it can become quite a challenge to build successful marketing connections with your audiences’. With the data pandemonium, it is difficult to separate the authentic from the unnecessary. Amidst this it is exciting to create channels that can ensure superlative consumer engagement. In this article we bring to you five productive directions that will serve as solutions to three chief growth-oriented aspects of client relations, brand value and strategy.

Customer Engagement

With the world’s data on the mobile phone and the device in everybody’s pockets, it is imperative that in these modern times, companies shift their strategies towards captivating the masses with intelligent and creative layouts. Rather than beating around the bush, create content that is relevant; crisp yet meaningful. Consumers appreciate companies that save their times and get to point in an effective manner. Employ technology to understand consumer behaviour. Utilize SMS and e-mail alerts depending on what interests a consumer but most importantly value your time and theirs. Believe in what you are selling and target consumers’ benefits.

Influencer Marketing

This medium needs to be exercised in a more freeing and authentic way. Convey your brand’s storyline to influencers and give them the space to remit it across to consumers in their own technique for a greater impact. Analyse influencer performance based on the number of sales and/or hits they managed to generate for you. If used smartly, influencer marketing can be the tool for a forward-looking business operation, be it B2B or B2C.

Amalgamation of Advertising and Marketing

Frustrating advertisements are a big concern for consumers. While this is diverse from marketing, using advertising as a platform to endorse and create a market presence for your brand can be an ingenious idea. You are most likely spending heaps on your adverts that are reaching your existing customers. Linking your marketing database helps create a wider consumer base without annoying your active patrons. Study consumer behaviour initially. Only when they will find an ad in-line with their interest, they are expected to click and make a purchase. Ads can be more than just annoying-bits especially when a brand creates an effortless and worthy buy with meaty loyalty programs. Think of attractive ways of turning potential customers into loyal buyers.

Creating Customer Retention

Retention means withholding your consumer pedestal. Trying to get a one-time purchase is now of medieval times and more recently every company (big or small) is realizing the need to build a preserving list of successful and contented customers. Use a cognitive approach like a superior call centre experience and a sincere follow-up post a sale made. Incorporating latest technologies like automation and/or IoT (Internet of Things) into marketing stratagem can be a stylish initiative that will lead to an improved service value. Crafting a better mobile experience can also work wonders.

Cognitive Technologies

While marketing was mostly considered as a creative job, technology played a significant role as well. Tools like Data Applications, Direct Marketing and RFM Analysis have played their part since a long time. Going forward more and better cognitive technologies like Machine Learning and AI will become essential to be adopted for enhanced creative, decisions and conversion optimization. A mixture of technology, people, plan and practice is the future of a successful marketing vision.

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