Survey: Are conference calls moving from audio to video?

By Team Logicserve

  • February 27, 2019,

Have you done a video conference call on Whatsapp in the last one month?

Let’s have a look at the results from last week’s survey where we asked people if personalisation makes
an impact on their purchase habits.


Well, the chart above surely speaks about consumers’ reaction to personalised emails. Here’s a quick breakdown of the results for you.

● There are around 23% respondents who do get encouraged by personalised emails while a similar number of respondents (26.03%) are not at all influenced by the personalised emails.
● A large chunk of the respondents i.e. 50.68% are not very promptly encouraged to buy products through personalised messaging. However, these are the ones who tend to get influenced by the personalised emails sometimes due to various factors.
● Overall, the numbers aren’t very bad and they do suggest that the personalised emails, if used properly and strategically, can work for brands. Maybe we just need to be careful to ensure we don’t overdo it or make the communication exasperating for consumers.

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