Survey: OTT – the new-age entertainment destination for Indians

By Team Logicserve

  • January 16, 2019,

OTT platforms have become very popular these days. Considering our busy lives, people prefer to watch content as per their convenience.
OTT platforms are very apt as it allows users to view the content anytime, anywhere. The flexibility and convenience they offer are perfect for the new-age consumers. These OTT platforms also come with a paid subscription plan which offers extra benefits and perks to the subscribers and allows them to have a seamless experience across multiple devices.
But do you think Indians would opt for paid subscription plans for OTT platforms? Well, that’s exactly what we asked in our last survey.

Let’s have a look at the results.

Woah! Just look at the numbers. Barring 7.1% users who don’t opt for paid subscription, almost 93% of respondents have a paid subscription for some or the other OTT platform. Looking at the numbers, we can surely say that Indians do enjoy watching content on various OTT platforms. This creates a huge opportunity for content creators to develop interesting content for the consumers and make the most out of this affinity towards these platforms. Also, if they want to continue to be the preferred platforms among the users, they really need to put in their efforts to keep evolving and innovating their content based on the expectations of the consumers to keep up the interest and appeal. It will be very safe to say that OTT platforms may soon overpower other channels of consuming content. Now we just have to wait and watch how soon that happens.

Here are some interesting views shared by some of the respondents on this topic:

“With rapid change in the trend of content consumption, people now want to only watch specific shows at their convenient time. This brings redundancy to TV and a boost in usage of paid platforms like Netflix & Amazon Prime.”

– Gaurav Mishra, H&R Block (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“The convenience of watching content at the time and device of my choice makes me reconsider the need for a DTH connection. The primary risk is that cord cutting is getting extremely expensive with more OTT platforms launching like Disney Plus etc.”

– Ayan Biswas, HSBC India

We are sure a lot of you can relate to the above perspectives. Now, let’s explore another topic and share our views for the next survey question. This week, we want to know about the famous ‘How-To’ videos. Our question is ‘Did you watch any ‘How-To’videos in the last 1 month?

Please share your responses here.

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