Survey: Trying new online streaming services.

By Team Logicserve

  • July 3, 2019,

Trying new online streaming services

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users about their internet usage habits beyond social media.

We got some interesting results here.

  • Majority of the respondents (39.54%) said that they use the internet for entertainment followed by those who use it for research or studies (29.07%).
  • A lot of the respondents also use internet for shopping (17.44%), which is not surprising while few use it for video/ internet calls, games and other activities.
  • People are clearly more attracted to entertainment sites and apps on their mobile devices making it a great medium for marketers to focus their spends for marketing activities. They can also focus on shopping portals as a lot of users tend to browse these portals too.
  • For specific industries who want to target niche audiences, marketers can target other portals like educational sites, gaming forums, etc. to get their messaging across to the correct audiences.

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