Survey: Your interest in Facebook Event Invites

By Team Logicserve

  • January 29, 2020,

How often do you respond to Facebook event invites?

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users about their preference for meme format content

The results were very interesting.

  • As evident from the above chart, most of the respondents (93%) like content made in meme format. Only 7% of the respondents, said they don’t.
  • With the rise in popularity of memes, marketers must initially study its audience when working with such format as it can only help them to target the gen Z who are the majority consumers of memes.
  • Marketers should do in-depth research to understand the popular trends and their true meaning to create engaging content.
  • As memes have short life the content must be produced quickly and should hold a viral element to achieve higher impressions.

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