The indisputable power of video content on social media

By Logicserve News Desk

  • March 22, 2018,

Over a past few years, social media has gained immense popularity all over the world. Considering that 2.77 billion people will take to social media by 2019, it has become a lucrative channel for businesses to target. Out of the many modes and means of interacting with social media users, video perhaps has the biggest influence on a social media user’s life.

Statistics have shown that by 2019 video content will be the driving factor of 85% of search traffic in the US. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter; companies should target social media platforms. Research also shows that the video content earns a company 12x more than what a simple text and picture ad gives them.

Why is video perfect for marketing on social media?

The motive behind social media platforms optimising their platforms is because the greater part of search traffic will be video content related.  Future projections indicate that not only will digital ad spend increase notably, growing on average $13 billion every year, but social and video are the only ad types expected to grow in the near future. While social media ads are expected to grow drastically, video ad types will rise dramatically by 184% from $9.9 billion to $28 billion in ad spend; making them the fastest growing ad type.

When a user scrolls through social media, he notices new video ads produced every day in place of traditional links and articles. This is because of the boom in video content. The psychology behind this is basically the user having a short attention span. If companies manage to market their product in a one or two-minute long video, they manage to hold the attention of the users even if he/she may not be interested in that sort of product.

Use case of how social media video impacts online fortunes

Lifestyle and publishing brands produce engaging content which keeps users hooked to the screen. One of the best examples is Buzzfeed’s Tasty. It started off in 2016, where the producers made one minute long recipes, mostly on comfort food. This Facebook page gained so much success because it was a brief but information-packed video and they came up with new content on a daily basis.

It originally displayed an ad, but it converted users to followers – 90 million users to be precise. Buzzfeed’s Facebook channel is rising at such a rapid rate, that’s because they produce content that is easily shared through the platform. Every act of engagement on the video, whether it is a like, comment, or share, is viewed by that individual’s network of friends. Having this outline in place is crucial for Facebook’s triumph as a video content destination

Facebook has 1.34 billion users active through Smartphones. This gives companies a huge potential to advertise there. With the apps making access to these websites more accessible, it is an efficient way to convert users into followers, thus making them potential customers.

What is needed to succeed?

1. Companies should know their target audience in order to project their video content.

2. Research must be done adequately to find the apt social media platform to advertise on.

3. Users must be able to relate to the content on a personal level for them to convert from users to customers.

Social media is the most powerful tool to grow a business and brands should make the most out of it. With video content being pushed on targeted social media channels, your business simply can’t go wrong with social media.

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