The Rise of Video Marketing in the Digital Era

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 18, 2020,
Video Marketing

Video content was already growing in popularity in the last few years. But the pandemic imposed lockdown, which forced people to remain indoors, has surged video content consumption to unprecedented levels.

According to a Nielsen study, home-bound consumers have led to an increase of 60% in the amount of video content watched globally. And this surge is not temporary. While the consumption will not grow at the same rate in the post-COVID world, video content still has a bright future. As per a CISCO study, online videos will make up more than 82% of all the internet traffic by 2022.

The unexpected rise of video content has encouraged marketing teams across the world to integrate video marketing into their digital strategies. But what makes video content such an effective marketing medium? Take a look-

1. Video Content is the New King

Humans are visual creatures. Multimedia content, especially in the video format, are easily digestible, convenient, and highly informative too. According to a Google study, almost 50% of the people in the 18-34 age bracket would instantly watch a video from their favourite YouTuber as soon as it is posted.

As video content is only expected to get more popular in the future, this can be the right time to add video content marketing to your digital strategy.

2. Videos Offer High Brand Recall

No matter what form of marketing you prefer, brand recall or recognition is one of the primary motives. As compared to text-based content, video content can sometimes deliver significantly higher brand recall. According to an Insivia report, viewers can retain up to 95% of the message when they watch it in a video. But only 10% of the message is retained when conveyed through text.

While text-based online marketing has its role, too, with regard to brand recall and recognition, video content delivers considerably better results.

3. Videos Get More Shares

If pictures speak louder than words, videos can amplify the message to a thousand times more. In many cases, videos are more impactful than text or image-based content. If viewers are affected by something they watch, the chances of them sharing the content are high too. And with video content, the chances are astonishingly high.

According to a report on SmallBizTrends, videos can generate more than 12 times the shares than text and images combined. As social shares have become crucial for enhancing brand reach, it is through video content that brands have higher chances of reaching more people.

Adding Video Marketing to Your Digital Marketing Mix

Several reasons make video content vital for the digital marketing future. With video content consumption at an all-time high, this can be an excellent opportunity for brands to jump on the bandwagon and use video content in an effective and creative manner to promote their products and services.

The expert assistance of a reputed digital marketing company could be of essence in the process. Work with digital marketing professionals to create a video marketing strategy that is capable of grabbing the attention of your target consumers.

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