The Time to Embrace Programmatic DOOH is Right Now

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 13, 2021,
programmatic dooh

According to a study by Markets and Markets, the global DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) advertising market is expected to surpass $26.21 billion by 2023. But the COVID-19 lockdowns imposed in most countries significantly damaged the growth trajectory of this outdoor advertising channel.

With people forced to remain indoors, brands preferred spending on mobile and desktop ads while OOH advertising took a backseat. But as outdoor life is now resuming, 2021 could be the year when you finally start embracing this effective advertising channel. Here are some of the top reasons why brands should add programmatic DOOH to their marketing mix-

1. The End of 3rd Party Behavioural Targeting

With Google planning to end 3rd party cookies by 2022, profile building and behavioural targeting are expected to become more challenging for digital marketers. It is only a matter of time that marketers would be required to look for alternatives to engage the audience.

While OOH has been one of the oldest forms of marketing, the combination of technological advancements that programmatic digital offers make them more effective. According to a report on Financial Express, the number of smart digital billboards in India is rising too.

As the DOOH inventory will increase, it will be easier for the brands to reach their target audience out of their homes.

2. Time to Build Trust

Brand loyalty took a beating since the pandemic began across the world. Consumer behaviours changed as most people struggled with falling incomes. Rather than spending on travel, apparel, and footwear, Indians focused on purchasing the essentials such as household supplies and groceries. In the process, they often had to switch to brands offering more value-for-money options.

According to a study by Nielsen, OOH is also one of the most effective ways for brands to build trust.

If improved brand awareness and loyalty are your marketing goals for the remaining part of 2021 and beyond, programmatic DOOH deserves a prime spot in your marketing plan.

3. DOOH Encourages Online Action

Another study by Nielsen highlights the effectiveness of DOOH ads in encouraging consumers to take online action. For instance, offline ads can encourage people to search for the brand or product online. Moreover, personalization and contextual relevance are also getting increasingly important for marketers, especially when it comes to hyperlocal marketing.

Programmatic DOOH ads, with their dynamic creatives that can be triggered based on traffic, weather, inventory, etc., effectively fulfil these requirements to make your OOH ads more effective.

Programmatic DOOH to Boost Your Marketing Strategy in the Post-COVID World

With programmatic DOOH set for exponential growth in India, now is the right time for brands to embrace this innovative form of marketing to reach more people, build trust, and improve brand awareness. As the pandemic has significantly changed consumer behaviour, this can be the right time to embrace this technology to comply with the changing trends.

As an early bird, you have the opportunity to influence the whole DOOH landscape in the country. Get in touch with a reputed digital marketing agency to know more about programmatic DOOH and how it can take your business to the next level.

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