The Time to Join the Programmatic DOOH Revolution is Now

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 24, 2021,
Programmatic DOOH an Advertisement revolution

While OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising has been around for a long time in India, the rise of digitization and the introduction of pDOOH (Programmatic Digital OOH) took the industry by storm. The ability of pDOOH to extend a brand’s reach to the right audience at the right place and at the right time made it a vital component of digital strategies.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in lockdowns across the country severely impacted the swift growth path of pDOOH media. With people forced to remain indoors, out-of-home advertising was no longer a practical option for most brands and marketers.

But now that the country is opening up, it could be an excellent opportunity for brands to leverage this powerful marketing media. Here are some of the top reasons that make pDOOH an excellent addition to any digital strategy-

1. pDOOH Saves Marketers Time

The pandemic has had a significant impact on consumer habits. In the post-pandemic world, one of the most critical duties of marketers is to readjust their digital strategies to better align with consumer demands. In other words, marketers already have a lot on their plates. The time efficiency offered by pDOOH could come in handy in this scenario.

With traditional media buying, there is a lot of negotiations with ad agencies and 3rd parties. But pDOOH automates this buying and selling process to ensure that marketers have more time to focus on other core duties.

2. Accessible to Smaller Businesses Tool

With experience turning into the most important deciding factor for consumers during the pandemic, it is now possible for smaller businesses to compete with larger organizations. pDOOH also makes out-of-home advertising accessible to smaller brands with limited budgets and smaller teams due to its cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency.

pDOOH uses automated digital platforms where buyers can search for inventory they’d like to bid on. Buyers and sellers can directly interact and launch ad campaigns with the click of a button. Small and mid-size businesses wanting to compete with industry leaders can add pDOOH to their marketing mix to boost their competitiveness.

3. Effectively Target Demographics

With pDOOH, marketers can select specific conditions, like CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and impressions for the ad. Apart from the immediate considerations, you can also set conditions based on custom data, store proximity, time of day, etc.

Only when the specified conditions are met will the ad be displayed, and you’ll be required to pay. In other words, the chances of hitting the target demographics are significantly higher with programmatic DOOH. With every brand looking to make the most of their marketing budgets, pDOOH is definitely worth considering.

4. Preparing for the Cookie-less World

As 3rd party cookies will be phased out next year, marketers who heavily rely on programmatic marketing strategies are searching for alternative ways to target audiences and track their behaviour. The combination of personalization and localization offered by pDOOH can be used for creating innovative ways for consumers to engage and interact with brands.

Moreover, the ability to remotely make creative changes to the pDOOH campaigns at the touch of a button also offers the flexibility to tweak or adjust the advertisements in real-time.

Make pDOOH Part of Your Digital Campaign Today

The pandemic was nothing more than a hiccup in the growth trajectory of pDOOH marketing in India. If anything, there are multiple reasons that have only boosted its relevance in the post-pandemic world.

Brands can consider working with reputed digital marketing agencies to make the best use of this high-impact ad format and keep up with the changing consumer habits.

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