The ultimate Pinterest guide to grow in your business

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  • September 28, 2013,


Social networking sites have become more visual, this is especially true with Pinterest. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which rely on content from a network of friends and followers, Pinterest focuses on the “interest graph” and is made up of people who gather around topics of interest rather than relationships.

According to some reports, Pinterest offers more marketing potential than other social networks. It helps in driving more traffic to websites than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube .Here are 10 ways e-commerce businesses can use Pinterest more effectively.

1. Set Up a Business Account

Businesses that wish to join Pinterest should set up a business account. Provide complete information about your business, and agree to Pinterest’s terms of service. Verify your website to show Pinterest users that you are a trustworthy source.

2. Use an Eye-catching profile image

Pick a profile image such as a logo that helps people easily recognise your business. Include a short description to introduce your company’s interests to Pinterest users.

3. Create and organise boards

Create a variety of boards that show off your brand’s personality and taste, and add enough pins to make each board feel substantial. Pinterest suggests that, prior to starting to pin, you consider what users care about and tailor your strategy to address them.

  • Clearly name each board, but be creative. Limit names to 20 characters or less;
  • Add a description to inspire people to follow your boards and help you appear in searches;
  • Choose a compelling cover pin for each board that gives people a sense for the content contained there

4. Use high quality images

Images that are at least 600 pixels wide look best and only images that are at least 100×200 or 200×100 are pinnable.

5. Show what inspires you

Instead of merely showcasing your products, Pinterest recommends that you show what inspires them by creating boards for the ideas, places, people, and moods behind your brand. Check out how our price comparison brand CompareRaja on Pinterest does it. (

6. Pin to win!

Contests are great promotional tools and Pinterest offers the perfect medium for running a contest. If you are just starting out on Pinterest and you want to get some ‘likes’ and followers quickly, then running a contest might be the perfect solution.

7. Include product pins

Pinterest recently created a new type of product-related pin called “Rich Pins” that includes detail like pricing, availability, and where to buy.

8 Engage

If you want people to engage with you, then you have to spend some time engaging as well. By regularly liking, commenting and pinning, you stand a much better chance to get more likes and comments from others as well as more followers

9. Create infographics

Infographics are a great way of raising engagement and follower numbers on Pinterest. Among all your pins and re-pins, some original content–especially educational content–will give you an extra edge. And since Pinterest is mostly visual and image-based, infograhics are the perfect solution.

10. Share your Pinterest account with others

The more people pin your content, the more discoverable it becomes. To encourage more pinning, add Pin it buttons or widgets to your website, and promote pinning on social networks and in email newsletters.


Pinterest is undoubtedly most popular among women, but has a wide reach as women tend to share more. Before you start pinning identify what service makes sense for your business and clearly define marketing objectives. To activate your Pinterest contact us now.

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