Time to shed apprehensions regarding social media marketing

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  • May 2, 2012,

Social media have come of age; they’re not in their infancy anymore! Almost a decade-long existence has seasoned them well, to help them play a larger role in the lives of communities hooked to them. Clearly, the time has arrived, for marketing companies to shed their apprehensions regarding promoting their products and services through social media.

Once “social media marketing” occupies centre stage in the marketing strategies of a company, there’s bound to be an ocean of opportunities opening up for SEO Companies (Search Engine Optimization) and companies involved in allied activities like SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing). SEO Companies have to gear themselves up for this transition as it propels them into the ‘Big League’, comprising of conventional advertising companies.

Community of social media users is expanding rapidly. This increase is in line with the rapid growth of internet users. People have started relying more and more on the content present on the net, before making their purchases. Right from product profile, everything that a user wants to know, before he/she decides to buy a product, is available on the net. Internet has made the comparison of features and prices of products so easy that it outscores conventional advertising by huge margins. And now, with e-commerce companies mushrooming across the globe, internet has taken the next big leap forward. It’s just the right time for SEO companies to capitalise on these issues to establish themselves firmly in the advertising arena.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are finding takers all across the globe. Just Facebook has an active user base of over 800 million! A fact, which is more than enough to estimate the scale of business it could generate; an indicator of the role, social media could assume in very near future. There are opportunities galore, for promoting brands through social media and this, with many advantages that conventional advertising doesn’t afford them! When a user connects with a brand on the social media, it’s at an emotional level. Liking a brand, suggesting a brand, promoting a brand and remaining loyal to a brand are all done at an emotional level. And, nobody gets attached to a brand overnight. Impressing new users on social media is a tough task. And this increases the responsibility of an SEO Company to a very large extent.

Once a business establishment engages the services of an SEO Company, the business can expect to get a larger audience to its business promotion efforts on the net. SEO Companies work towards maximising traffic on the website of the business, which in turn, steps up the actual business an establishment does. SEO Companies also undertake jobs related to Social media optimization and restructuring of the website in question, to garner more traffic on the website.

Certainly, social media content of brands/companies make or mar their business. This presents great opportunities for providers as well as marketers of content on social media. ‘Social media content marketing’ has stamped it presence, no doubt; but is still evolving. Leveraging the advantages of this medium to gain ground in terms of business is a challenge, which undoubtedly needs a professional handling.

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