Tips and Tricks to Make the Most out of Google’s Expanded Text Ads

By Team Logicserve

  • February 3, 2017,

Google’s deadline for switching over from Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads (ETA) ended on January 31, 2017. From February 2017, Google Adwords has been preventing advertisers from creating and editing standard text ads.

Why ETAs?

Presently, more than half online searches happen on mobile devices. Thus, the new ETAs have been designed by Google to amplify the performance and presence of brands on search results generated by mobile devices. The current format of ads also enhances the performance of ads on both desktop and mobile search results. Moreover, ETAs are two times bigger than Standard Text Ads, have longer headlines, and an 80-character description line.

 In today’s post, we will shed light on some useful tips and tricks for a smooth transition to ETAs.

  • Make use of the extra characters to state something new: Instead of just adding a second headline to say the same thing, utilize the 80-character description line to state something new and compelling to the web searchers. Since you have more space now to express yourself, make use of the opportunity to establish a better rapport with the searchers by presenting more pertinent information. While writing new ETAs, utilise the extra characters to offer better value proposition so as to improve the CTR (Click-through rate) of your ads. For example, let’s take the example of this ad below in the old format:
    Source : Wordstream

    Writing a new ETA by focusing on making the product more distinctive and attractive to the users’ emotion gives you something like this:

Highlight your key message in the headline: Unlike the standard format that offered one 25-character headline, ETA offers two 30-character headlines. A compelling headline can go a long way in enhancing the CTR of your ad. Thus, make sure you spend adequate time analysing your new ad copy by focusing on the two headlines.

Source : Worstream
  • Avoid inserting important information in the second headline: The first headline is more important than the second headline. Thus, make sure you do not include any critical information in the second headline. You can no doubt, preview how Google will display the second headline on different devices; however, there is no guarantee that both the headlines will share the same line as you have it in your mind, because depending on the users’ device, the screen size, and length of the headlines, Google may condense your second headline or it may appear after a line break.


  •  Add target keywords: Find out your target keywords and incorporate them into your headlines or description line. If you can display the exact keyword that a user searches for, it can help you enhance your CTR significantly. At the same time, make sure you proofread the ads to keep potential grammatical errors at bay.
  • Make use of the two URL Path options: The domain from your final URL will be extracted and incorporated into your display URL automatically by Google. Nevertheless, there are two URL path fields, each having 15 characters that you can utilise to fortify the displayed copy regardless of the length of your domain. This can be done by using relevant keywords so as to generate the interest of web searchers by assuring them that the ad offers a relevant landing page.

    Source : Wordstream
  • Write your ads to communicate with web searchers on all devices: Google’s ETAs aims to serve searchers on all type of devices. ETAs do not have any device preference; thus, the same message is displayed on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Therefore, make sure your ads can communicate with web searchers across mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Streamline your ad extensions: Making ad extensions appear along with your ads can improve the Quality Score and CTR of your ads significantly. However, while creating new ETAs when you incorporate additional facts within the body of your ad, most of your existing ad extensions may become outmoded. Google won’t support your ad extensions if they replicate the already included text in your ads. Thus, ensure that as you streamline your ads, you update your ad extensions with fresh and distinctive content to promote along with your new ads.
  • ETAs provide you with the golden chance to reassess your Adwords effort. Since it offers you with more space to write longer descriptions and compelling headlines, get your creative juices flowing, and climb your way to success!


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