Tips for writing winning PPC ads

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  • November 27, 2013,
Pay per click Ad @LogicserveDigi

Pay per click Ad @LogicserveDigi

Wondering how to write winning PPC ads which enhance your conversion rate and lead to better ROIs? With no dearth of tips on effective PPC ads available across the Internet, the most crucial ones have been listed out for better understanding.

Use of clear language

Keep ads as clear as possible. Even if you are a great fan of subtext and irony, people who see the PPC ads don’t have time to go through those. Hence, whenever you are thinking of a PPC ad make sure that things are put in succinct language.

Personalized and expressive language

Ads are meant to introduce your product and services to the people. There may be scores of other providers for the same thing. If you are trying to sell a product ‘A’, make it sound like product ‘A’ from you is better than others. Focusing on your USP in the PPC ad is a high impact strategy. People are more likely to click through if your ad suggests a niche feature offered by your product.

Make an offer that they can’t refuse

Make the offer right in the beginning. People want to see what’s on the offer the moment they lay their eyes upon the ad. More importantly they want to know what they can do with the offer. A very clear ‘Call to Action‘ in the ad is very important and this is what makes the ad click. Try to minimize the use of words while conveying the offer.

Focus on Keywords, but keep intentions honest

PPC ads should have the keywords that they are looking to target. While doing so, you should be honest about why you are using the keyword. The keyword should not look out of place or forced into the ad. The more natural the usage, the better will be the impact.

Keep the jargons away

If you are one of those who think that using jargons make you sound legit, don’t apply it to PPC ads. Jargons don’t attract a large class of audience and cannot be considered to add value to your ad.

Writing a winning PPC ad takes a lot of effort and many tries before you get it right. Keep the message clear, and keep jargons away. People have a very short attention span.


If you want to increase your success, make the ads succinct and at the same time accurate. PPC ads can return a lot of profit, provided they are done the proper way.

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