Tips to acquire good backlinks – I

By Tejas Thakkar

  • August 8, 2015,
Tips to acquire good backlinks
Tips to acquire good backlinks
Tips to acquire good backlinks

Backlinks to a website are considered as proofs of popularity and viewer’s acceptance by search engine. The search engine determines the popularity index of the website through its back links, both in terms of quality as well as quantity apart from rating it on basis of content quality, user interface and much more before assigning a page rank to the website.

Considering the expansive outreach of the search engines, it becomes very important for websites to acquire backlinks through reliable websites in a planned manner and approach.

But before we begin, here is a quick guide on how building a backlink could be useful.

Backlink to a website consists of clickable text within a hyperlink and is usually distinguished by its blue text and underline (web standard). The words in blue are referred to as anchor text and are considered by most search engines as indicators to determine the content of the webpage.

From the SEO perspective, anchor text should ideally contain keywords which match with the targeted keywords on the relevant landing page the backlink has been acquired for.

Now moving on how to acquire backlinks quite easily… and of course, at this juncture, you cannot ignore Google! So beginning with –


Google Plus
Google Plus

Google Profiles

Make sure you have profiles of the founders, owners and key personnel relating to the website/business along with their photos or videos as they strengthen the response to the search and generating a long lasting impression as against the plain text.

P.S. you can add anchor text in your custom links making your profile more relevant to the search.

Google Places
Google Places

Google Places

These days, local search is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. This could be the best opportunity to be highly visible by having an updates listing of your establishments accompanied by the latest profile. Be sure to use your keywords in the profile and descriptions and top the search.

Business Directories

Get yourself listed in various business directories online viz. Just Dial, Yellowpages, Sulekha and so on. These profiles are highly visible in search engines and help you to get much visibility. But once again, use relevant keywords in descriptions and profile is very much essential.

There are a few more places where we can gain authentic backlinks, these have come up to notice in recent times.

This is the end of Part I. The next section will deal with these new opportunities.


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