Effective Tips To Get Highest ROI From Your Content Marketing Strategy – Part 2

By Team Logicserve

  • December 13, 2015,

effective content marketing

Our previous blog post, spoke about how you can generate traffic from your blog. This one shares about other avenues that will help you generate traffic for increasing brand retention value.

Promote through Social Media – In today’s scenario, you are dealing with customers both real and virtually, making it even more imperative to reach out and stay in touch with them on a regular basis. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest offer a viable platform in their distinctive style.

Be selective in being available across these channels, but ensure that you are quite prompt on the ones you have decided to be socially active. Acknowledging customer’s feedback, sharing, retweeting and even liking goes a long way in building up customer engagement and support. Try to be as innovative as possible for accelerating customer engagement to the next level.

For instance, if a hotel guest tweets a picture of the scenic view from your hotel room, you can acknowledge the guest with a ‘Thank You’ and retweet it to let your followers know and recognize the customer as one of the amazing guests. This will make the customer feel special and make the hotel stay even more memorable!

If you are finding it quite cumbersome to handle social media, you can seek the help of third party tools to monitor, track and even post your messages, tweets and more as per schedule. Through these tools, you will get analytical data which will help you understand your social media traffic and effectively handle it.

Avoid the Sales Pitch – Customers are always wary of online sales tactics and pitches. Try to be as subtle as possible and keep a soft sales pitch. You can be gently persuasive in engaging a customer rather than afford to lose out the one coming your way. Remember, you need to win the trust of the customers and build up customer loyalty rather than pound him away with your sales promotions. You could engage them by offering valuable guides on how to use your products, product reviews, useful tips and hints. This will build up your reliability factor and the number of people following you.

People visit your website or your social media platforms to get more information and not to experience hard sales pitch. If you sell, people tend to lose interest. Instead, give them what they are looking for. Give some valuable information through your blogs and share it on the social media platforms. We bet you will have people coming back to your website for more!

For instance, if you are Travel Company, you can post a blog about ‘Tips to travel the world with a shoe-string budget’ or ‘How to save money on your hotel stay in India’ or something on similar lines.

Audio-Video Content – Amazingly true, human beings believe more in what they see and hear, hence the need to upload videos for more social media leverage. Making the right videos, optimizing them right and sharing them across popular media channels such as Vine, Instagram, YouTube have been considered as one of the most preferred channels for brand promotion as well as recognition. Trust us when we suggest that making videos is not a lengthy or expensive proposition, it can be squeezed within a limited media budget as well. Seek out free apps which help in making videos and also share them instantly.

LogicSpeak: Considering the ever increasing competition in the market, it is becoming challenging for the companies to stand out from the crowd. Thus, content marketing becomes an important tool to bring out that unique proposition, develop thought leadership, and build up cordial relationships at minimum cost with valuable content.

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