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By Team Logicserve

  • June 17, 2014,
Increase blog readership @LogicserveDigi

Increase blog readership @LogicserveDigi

Blogging is an art mastered by many. But with over 100 million blogs on the internet, it sure is tough to get yourself noticed. Just writing a blog is not enough, updating it regularly and increasing your blog position in the search engine ranking is of utmost importance. Following are some tips that can help you get better blog traffic for your website.


However obvious it sounds, good content is the first and foremost necessity to increase traffic to your blog. Write an interesting blog with insights and information useful and appealing to the readers. Every effort of promoting your blog for more traffic will go waste if the content is not worth a good read. Not only is it important to write well, it is all the more important to write quite often. Your blog needs to have updated presence to its readers every now and then or else, there are a number of blogs to take away their interest. Take a cue from Couponraja’s webzine- TheRoyale


Enhance your blog by using images and wherever required video transcriptions. These help a lot in capturing the interest of the readers and giving your blog an edge from others. Text content when clubbed with video and images creates a more lasting impact on the readers than just text alone.

Submit your blog to search engines and make it SEO friendly to ensure that search engines are able to pick and rank them higher. What is the purpose of writing a blog when it is not reaching its targeted readers? A search engine optimizes your blog and assists it in reaching the target audience.


Utilize the different social media platforms to expose your blog to maximize readership. Relevant LinkedIn groups, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets on your blog to your friends, contacts and followers can play a huge role in popularizing your blog.


Make sure you don’t ignore the vital comments that are left for your blog. Good or bad, a conversation always helps in a two way informal communication with your readers adding to the popularity of the blog. Also, leave your comments to other blogs along with the url link back to your blog.

Guest blogging both ways (writing a guest blog for someone else or asking a guest blogger to write on your own) helps greatly in increasing the traffic to your blog. In such a scenario, both the bloggers will be exposed to a different set of audience and therefore stand a great chance to increase the blog readership.

Creating a successful blog is getting challenging very passing day. A lot of complicated factors like SEO, social media play an important role in informing and time to time reminding the audience of your existence. But most importantly, it’s your content that eventually makes the lasting impact on the readers and compels them to come back and read more. The nature of the blog may be informational, casual or specific to a subject, but it is the approach with which the blogger captures the attention of the readers that makes the blog worth reading and sharing.

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