Top 10 digital marketing influencers you must follow

By Team Logicserve

  • February 9, 2017,

These are notable individuals right from entrepreneurs to authors to social media connoisseurs who have made a mark in their respective businesses and have grown adroitly with their digital presence. They have established a strong connect with followers across the spectrum and have delivered inspirational upshots through times. In this article we highlight the top 10 marketing influencers to vouch for in 2017 and how you can learn to steer your significance from their rousing contributions.

Neil Patel

Image source: Neil Patel official website

Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISS metrics, he is an expert in entrepreneurism, conversion optimization, Sales and Marketing. WSJ has proclaimed him as an apex influencer on web and he was ranked among the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 by Former President Obama.

John Rampton

john Rampton

Image source: John Rampton official website

A start-up aficionado and the Founder of Due, Rampton has instituted himself as a #3 Online Influencer in the world. He is one among the top 10 Most Influential PPC Experts three years in a row and loves to connect with other individuals of one mind.

Ann Handley

ann handley

Image source: Ann Handley official website

She is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, co-founder of and has authored the WSJ bestseller, ‘Everybody Writes’. One of the top 20 women bloggers, she has broken new grounds in digital marketing. A LinkedIn influencer, Handley has been recognized as the Most Influential Woman on Social Media by Forbes.

Brian D. Evans

brian evans

Image source: Influencive

Evans is the guru of many young entrepreneurs and start-ups who have ventured to lead pinnacles of accomplishments. He is the Founder/CEO of BDE Ventures and Influencive, and has a massive presence on social media.

Deep Patel

deep patel

Image source: Forbes

This young author has made his name with his book, ‘A Paperboy’s Fable’ for which he interviewed 15 of the industry’s top names. With his growing eminence, he has evolved as a leader of potent influencers.

Chirag Kulkarni

chirag kulkarni

Image source: Chirag Kulkarni official website

A leading entrepreneur and marketing enthusiast, Kulkarni is the co-founder of Insightfully and K Ventures. He has been an entrepreneur from an early age and talks on digital marketing and private enterprise in top-notch companies around the world.

Kimra Luna

kimra luna

Image Source: Kimra Luna Facebook page

She calls herself a ‘Facebook-Group-Junkie’ and her incredible journey started with this idea. She discovered that she could build brands and teach people how to grow businesses to an epic level having herself done that with her product, Be True Brand You.

Nicolas Cole

nicolas cole

Image source: Nicolas Cole official website

Well known for his work in TIME, Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc., this author, marketing strategist and a key-note speaker is an influencer to look out for. He is the top Quora writer who as over 20M article views to his name.

Pam Moore

pam moore

Image source: Pam Moore

She is the CEO/Founder at Marketing Nutz who is a digital marketing and experiential branding expert. A social media fanatic, powerful author and skilled consultant, she has effectively served a vast range of clientele.

Josh Steimle

josh steimle

Image source: marriottmag

CEO/Founder of MWI, Steimle is an established speaker and entrepreneur. A prominent author, he effectively writes on start-ups and online marketing, and trains young entrepreneurs paving their way influentially.


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