Top 5 Use Cases of BigQuery

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  • February 8, 2024,

The data analytics and business intelligence landscape is rapidly evolving, compelling modern businesses to leverage advanced technologies and tools to extract valuable insights from their vast datasets. Among these tools, BigQuery, a serverless enterprise data warehouse of the Google Cloud Platform has acquired mass recognition.

While Google BigQuery was only available for GA 360 paid users initially, GA4 users now have limited but free access to this analytics platform. But why use BigQuery? Here are 5 use cases to introduce you to the vast potential of this innovative data warehouse-

1. BigQuery Machine Learning Integration

With BigQuery’s built-in ML integration, you can build machine learning models with unstructured, structured, and semi-structured datasets within the platform with simple SQL commands. It eliminates the need to export data to other applications and allows SQL practitioners to build ML models.

This easier access to ML systems paves the path for innovation and transformative advancements across domains. For instance, 20th Century Fox has been using Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine to predict the movie audience, while MLB is using the same to better understand baseball fans.

2. BigQuery Business Intelligence Engine

BigQuery’s BI engine is an in-memory data analysis service that allows rapid analysis of the stored data with high concurrency. The BI engine can expedite SQL queries irrespective of their source and also supports ongoing optimization by managing cached tables.

Through its SQL engine, BigQuery can also interact with a host of business intelligence tools, including Looker, Power BI, Tableau, and more. In other words, you can create impactful reports, visualizations, and analyses with the data collected in BigQuery. Moreover, the BI engine can also be integrated with custom applications to accelerate data analysis and exploration.

3. BigQuery and Geospatial Analytics

Accurate location data is often crucial for making business decisions. BigQuery also has a Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows geospatial or geography-based data analysis. It can work with Google Earth Engine, BigQuery Geo Viz, Jupyter Notebooks, and other applications to convert latitude and longitude data into precise geographic locations.

For instance, a retail store chain that wants to optimize its marketing efforts by understanding the geographical distribution of its customers and customizing promotions based on location-specific preferences can do so effectively with the help of BigQuery’s geospatial capabilities.

4. Real-Time Data Analytics

Real-time data analytics has become a cornerstone of modern business strategies. As one of the fastest data warehouses in the world, BigQuery excels in meeting the demands of this dynamic landscape. With its ability to process and analyze data streams in real-time, businesses can stay at the forefront of actionable insights.

From monitoring user activities to understanding their behavior, engagement patterns, and preferences, BigQuery can unlock valuable insights. Moreover, in sectors like e-commerce and finance where timely response is critical, BigQuery’s real-time analytics can allow businesses to track events as they unfold.

5. BigQuery for Smaller Datasets

BigQuery is not just for larger businesses with big amounts of data. Even smaller businesses and low-traffic websites can experience a host of benefits with this platform. For instance-

  • Unlike GA4, BigQuery does not have a data threshold. So, data-poor websites that often struggle with problems related to incomplete or missing datasets in GA4 can get a clearer picture with BigQuery.
  • User-specific data of website visitors who are not active for 2-14 months (depending on data retention settings) is automatically deleted in GA4. You can resolve this issue by integrating GA4 with BigQuery.
  • With GA4, you use Google’s server for storing the collected data. So, all the data is governed by Google’s data policies. But with BigQuery, you have complete ownership and control of your data.

Driving Business Growth with BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a robust platform for organizations looking to perform large-scale data analytics and gain insights from their data in a fast and efficient manner. At the same time, even smaller businesses with limited data can also leverage this tool to discover valuable insights for improved decision-making.

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