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By Team Logicserve

  • August 11, 2014,

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Considered as the second best alternative for bringing in the desired relevant traffic, Facebook and Twitter rule the roost over and above the traffic received through search engines. At times, you need to be well prepared for facing traffic meltdowns due to search engine updates and till the time your website bounces back to its position, it is best to have an alternate source of traffic up and functional.

Twitter Cards is truly an innovative offering for reaching out to more traffic in a quickly engaging manner. Business owners can use them to present audio as well visual content right on the Twitter ID rather than just the link, your followers can instantly enjoy the content and move on the next best decision.

Using Twitter Cards you can display videos, images, product information, and audio tweets along with relevant links of your website on your Twitter platform. This could mean a better retention rate on your Twitter handle as you are not diverting the traffic elsewhere. Through the Twitter Card analytics, you could even ascertain the performance and get key insights on the performance of these Twitter Cards.

With various card options on the offer, you need to be careful in choosing the suitable one for your purpose especially the nature and type of your business. Aptly named, each of these cards has a definite purpose –

  • App Card – A card to promote apps whilst offering a downloadable link. This makes it essential for the viewer to download the app for viewing it on his/her preferred device. For mobile users, mobile link will be offered while for desktop users, a web link will be displayed.

For encouraging viewers to download the Couponraja app, India’s premier couponing portal Couponraja, deftly used the App Card, highlighting an interesting shopping deal encouraging viewers to shop using their App. Depending upon how the App Card has been accessed, the suitable link is offered for download


  • Lead Generation Card – A card integrated with Twitter Ads dashboard for generating leads for products and services offered by you. A simple click and you get a list of email ids that are on their Twitter handle through your association to reach out to.
  • Website Card: Emphasis on your website image and integrate traffic to it through the Twitter Ads dashboard as you can define landing page through the Read More button

The Royale, a webzine initiative from Couponraja uses the Website card to display the feature images, feature title and a link to the feature on the Royale which readers can click on to read the entire feature.


No better way than to increase traffic to your website through the Twitter Website card. Let your website card display the website image, title and call to action button which the viewers will be compelled to click on in order to know more about your offering. Once there, there sure to browse through for more

  • Player Card – A card with media link – listen to an audio clip or view a video clip or any other media. Ideal for those promoting their media production – maybe a song or animation clip even an ad for a product!!
  • Product Card – A card encompassing product details including product images and offering links to your website through the image, title and view the ‘web link’. You could even direct the traffic to your website directly from here.
  • Summary Card – A virtual business card of sorts offering an image and requisite details maybe a summary of service or product promoted by your website
  • Photo Card – A relatively simple card with an interesting image, it could highlight an event or an achievement of sorts which needs complimenting
  • Gallery Card – A card with a collage of 4 photos to the maximum, best for travel websites offering travel options as they can display the most attractive images to lure customers

How to integrate Twitter Cards within your website ?

Installation of Twitter Cards requires the requisite metadata to be added on to the head section of your website. Each developer page of the card will contain its specific metadata. With an option of installing the metadata annually page by page or by integrating the same through your CMS system and suggested plugins, you choose the best alternative. Through with the integration process then you need to choose the Twitter Card Validator to verify your Twitter cards. If they are done right, they will be displayed in the respective tweets

Ready for use, the Twitter Card Analytics can be used for judging their performance. Access Twitter Card Analytics through the Twitter Analytics dashboard offered within the Twitter Card to check out who has retweeted your cards the most and through apps they used to do the same.

Twitter Cards permit you to offer the most relevant content in form of images, text and even multi media of your promotional initiative. Thus, you can deliver the right message within your tweet whilst engaging your customers. A wonderful and non invasive marketing tool which is rapidly gaining acceptance across the world, so go ahead chalk out your Twitter Card strategy right away.

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