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  • July 27, 2009,

The recent times have seen a lot of talks, discussions and debates over Twitter and its emerging role. Increasing number of companies are also logging on to Twitter to market their products and services whilst staying touch with the customers. At times, Twitter has evolved as a common platform for interacting with each rather than logging on to a corporate website or emailing….This form has been slowly gaining preference over traditional ways of registering complaint or for praising a particular service. Meanwhile the corporate see it as a means of getting to know their standing and rating amongst the people in general and at times see it as means to rectify their image and reputation. All these channels hold viable only if the corporate identities decide to reach out to their customers in through this channel of social media marketing.

Foremost, you would need to study your market – both online and offline, understanding their behaviour especially whether they would be inclined to opt Twitter as an acceptable platform for interaction. If at all Twitter stands accepted as marketing channel, the companies need to pay attention to few crucial points such as the requirement of an authentic corporate identity for which you may need to link the account to your corporate website to give it an identity status. Also you may need to appoint an experienced and seasoned person who can very well tweet and solve customer grievances & issues without landing into controversies of any sort which could make matters a lot worse. The Twitter account would be required to be updated on regular basis which again would be a reflection of your professionalism and customer oriented values.

You will come across many corporate accounts which have a viable presence on Twitter and have been quite active in getting a following while they keep marketing their products, services and even answering queries to a great satisfaction. To name a few accounts which could be to checked out accounts of @DellOutlet, @MotoDeals, @WholeFoods, @HTC, @Starbucks etc which have very effectively and successful in doing so. Apart from sharing information on new products, offers and deal, they even solve customer misgivings and share a whole lot of tips with them as well. Though the platform is very formal, the factor of trust and authenticity is extremely vital. A slight slip off and the case may require the help of professional online reputation managers to clear erase off the negative image on the Internet.

Well, Twitter could be simply the medium, its effective use can be highlighted by Zappos, who had its CEO interacting with Twitters personally and also gifted 10 pairs of shoes randomly to some of those who were online. This could be an intuitive gesture by a company who had recently opened a Twitter account ….nevertheless it has grabbed an opportunity to reach out its customers in a brilliant and a master stroke of marketing.

Social Media inclusive of Twitter could very well be developed by the companies to interact with customers. On the other hand, for the companies it could be a testing platform as they put forward their marketing strategies and skills. What more could the companies need over a direct interactive platform which does not cost much while shows results in almost no time and also has no geographical barriers constraining the market size.

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