Twitter Update – New Premium Video Content Coming Your Way

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  • May 12, 2017,

Twitter, recently in its very first Digital Content NewFronts, announced 16 live streaming content deals across different sphere including news, entertainment, and sports. The streaming will bring hundreds of hours of premium video content on Twitter. The announcement included new and original live programming, live games and events, extension of live deals, live syndications and news, which will stream content on the platform.

Source : Twitter Blog

At the conference, Twitter said that typically users come on the platform to see and talk about the latest happenings around the world. We over the past 40 years have been working with the various top TV networks from around the world as well as publishing houses, magazines, sports leagues and professional outlets to bring the best video content around the things people mostly discuss. In 2016, Twitter initiated the process to create a one-screen experience for the users to get live content and the conversations happening around it.

Twitter’s live video update mainly aims at giving the businesses a major fillip in reaching out to wider audience base. Over the years, the platform has grown its premium video business to more than 200 video publishers across different segments including e-sports, news, and entertainment. At the conference, the Twitter spokesperson said that they are extremely thrilled and excited about the success of the live streaming. The spokesperson further added, Twitter after launching the live videos have delivered over 800 hours of live streaming premium video content across 450 events, attracting 45 million unique viewers.

The live streaming video content has not only made Twitter a unique platform than the rest of the existing social media platforms, but it also has made it a powerful tool for people to watch and discuss content in real time. With the new premium video content, Twitter wants the users to enjoy more video content and help the publishers generate more revenue. For all the marketers out there with the video content gaining more popularity, now is the best time to make the best use of it and engage users through premium video content.


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