News : Twitter’s mobile business has hit 184M users

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  • February 7, 2014,

While Twitters market growth might have been on a slower growth, its mobile user number is still growing strong. Twitter has shared that for Q4 their monthly mobile users have risen by 37% i.e. 184M users.

The overall user number stands to 241M, this implies that the mobile usage adds up to 75% of its overall users. Interestingly its mobile app growth has been faster , while the overall growth has been only 30% . The user ratio is also reflected on the revenue generation, with Twitter declaring that the mobile ads, makes up to 75% of the of its sales. By that, $165M of the $220M from the revenue.


The recent trends have pointed out to the growth of mobile space across the globe.This is a very positive sign for digital marketers, to understand consumer behaviour trends at its best. Recently, Facebook has been testing third party Ads, a few other studies have also stated that the mobile space will play an important role in paid search over the next few years. This is another example of ‘everything going mobile’.

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