Twitter’s Timeline is Becoming More Algorithm-Influenced – Here’s How It Can Benefit Brands

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 25, 2017,

If you haven’t checked Twitter recently, you ought to check it out. Twitter has changed the way tweets are displayed on a user’s timeline. You will see much more tweets compared to its earlier avatar. Also, Twitter has started showing more relevant tweets now. By virtue of more tweets and thereby more user engagement, its revenue and earnings have increased by 14% and 12% in the first two-quarters of 2017.

What are the changes?

One of the primary changes Twitter has deployed to make the tweets relevant and display those tweets at the top is the use of an algorithm. It takes into account, the tweets you are tweeting as well as replying and that way it decides your area of interest. On the explore tab, it displays popular tweets of the subjects in which your Twitter activity had shown interest. Suppose if I had recently typed Kevin Durant, it would show the popular NBA or results tweet.

One of the most important things to be considered is, it takes into account only the recent activity and not your old timeline. This way the algorithm is able to generate latest tweets according to your interest.

Now the logical question would be how to take advantage of the new algorithm based system.

What’s in it for you?

The new algorithm on Twitter timeline shows two key takeaways:

1) It heavily focuses on your recent Twitter activity

2) It can be largely influenced by user actions

Although these are just two of the factors a Twitter algorithm works with, we can safely say it’s not complex like Facebook. So it’s an obvious candidate for manipulation. We can definitely take advantages of this new update. Below are two nifty ways:

  • Generate more buzz with your tweets

The algorithm displays more tweets on top, which are largely engaged by users and which produce more conversation among them. You can jump in the conversation by talking about that particular subject and inspire them to talk more.

  • Like and reply

After the Twitter algorithm started working, you must have seen much more tweets from people you don’t know or follow. Even if you respond to unknown individuals and like their tweet, you will generate significant exposure, and that would help you to market your products or services better.

But a random conversation with random people can alienate your loyal audience. So you will have to do it smartly, thereby not offending your followers.

Use these Twitter timeline algorithm changes to your advantage and improve your brand and personal visibility substantially.

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