Understanding YouTube Remarketing

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  • July 2, 2014,
Youtube remarketing @LogicserveDigi

Youtube remarketing @LogicserveDigi

The emergence and exponential popularity of You Tube as a sharing platform for videos has been phenomenal. It has provided creators of videos and marketers just the right media to showcase and advertise products, services or just entertain.

Video remarketing or YouTube remarketing refers to the process of showing customized ads to viewers on previously visited sites featuring videos based on previous interactions. The idea is to reinforce the message to those who have already got exposed to the messages you have shown on your channel.

It presents you with the opportunity to remarket your brand to not only regular viewers of that You Tube channel but also to casual visitors, people who have commented, liked or even disliked your videos. You can also remarket to those who have subscribed, unsubscribed or just shared your videos.

The benefits of this form of marketing called You Tube remarketing are tremendous.

  • You are able to sustain attention of regular viewers
  • You can demonstrate the utility, value of your product or service effectively
  • Soft selling is an automatic outcome as you are able to present more effectively in a 30 seconds clip
  • You can target specific locations for your product or service
  • You are able to go beyond the 70 words restriction imposed by text ads
  • You are able to bid better for AdWords campaigns making use of the analytics
  • ROI or return on investment is better
  • The AdWords model of auctioning provides you with competitive rates. You also only need to pay if the viewer watches the ad.

The remarketing lists can be created by relating your AdWords for video to your YouTube account. Once this linking is done, you would be able to focus specifically on viewers who have previously watched your videos, have commented, liked or subscribed to your channel. The targeting is thus sharp and focused.

You may if you wish link more YouTube accounts to the AdWords for video account. Multiple lists can be created for each channel but you are not allowed to use one or the same list across different channels.

So how does You Tube remarketing actually work?

This is not different to Google remarketing that has been done over the years through the use of text and images. Here, when the viewer watches a particular video on your channel, a unique cookie is sent to that viewer to distinguish him or her from others. You can now track this viewer and remarket the product or service you want using Google AdWords.

The Google Display Network comes into play here that enables you to target such viewers with precision. You can then play promotional messages, display ads. When this viewer clicks on them to visit your site, you have a better chance of him converting and making a purchase. The TrueFamily video ads and other creatively formatted images, text on this network presents your content in an interesting manner to viewers.


You can also monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns making use of performance metrics available to you. These metrics will help you optimize remarketing and you then can raise bids only on ads that are garnering the best and highest responses.

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