Use Google+ to Improve SEO Results….It’s time to be logical!!

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  • July 19, 2013,

It’s been a while since Google Plus was introduced and yet it has to reach its desired level of acceptance.  Despite apprehensions and wait & watch policy, its adaptation will in fact improve SEO results in a great way, a few good pointers to assert this viewpoint follow.

Efficient Indexing

Content placed on Google Plus will be indexed in an efficient manner. Moreover, its page rank is likely to appear in Google search results. With a major part of search undertaking on Google, content on Google Plus will be enjoying a definite edge as compared to that placed on others.

Enhanced Visibility

Posts on Google Plus are likely to appear by doing a standard Google search which implies better SERPs as they are much more visible as compared to the rest resulting in better and instant viewership.

Long Standing Rankings

The content on Google Plus is likely to be around for a longer time and witness better rankings even after it has been placed quite some time ago. Statistics reveal that year old Google Plus content is likely to enjoy the top position of better rankings presently as compared to tweet messages which last for less than an hour.

Better Impact

Authorship on Google Plus along with your image is of immense value. This validates your profile on other sites where you publish your content. Also, within search results when your profile image is displayed along with the content link, the impact of the same is likely to be quite stronger.

Higher Authority

Quality content shared and received on Google Plus determines the authority of the profile. The higher the authority implies better search results. Therefore, it definitely pays when you post quality content which is appreciated and shared with your circles, post which the profile enjoys better ranking than others.

Fusion of SMO and SEO

Through the Google Plus authorship and the Google Plus social activity which enhance your SMO initiative. Number of followers, type of followers and shares through your Google Plus profile and circles determine your social media identity. The more the higher ranked people sharing and interacting with you, the better is your profile and authority, which is exactly what you wish to achieve.

Keeping in mind the blend of SMO and SEO in an underlying manner, it is very important to arrive at the right social platform. The manner in which social acceptance occurs and its refinement is extremely crucial in determining the SERPs and visibility in search results.

The page rank given to your featured link a post on Google Plus will correlate to the page rank of page which it is linked to. The Google Plus Post link when linked to the website implies your website and its content is relevant and thereby give a boost to your search rank. If you go for a no follow link in the body of your Google Plus post make sure you opt for a featured link.

These links and page ranks from websites also work the other way around which means they are directed to your Google plus posts and pages too.  Also, for connecting every post to a search on a platform, do remember to use the hashtags in every Google Plus post you plan to use.

If you are out to improve your SEO efforts, Google Plus does seem to be one of the effective and most reliable platforms to adapt. What is required in the seamless integration of the SMO and SEO activity which accelerates SERPs and search results, your efforts are bound to yield positive results.

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