User Experience (UX) – The Key to Future SEO

By Tejas Thakkar

  • March 3, 2015,

Following the Facebook’s recent policy change on pulling the plug off “Organic reach on Promotional content”, digital markets are left to wonder on the effort and money they put into those paid ads. The ads are gone, social statistics are gone, so is the money.


The underlying lesson being, piggybacking (on FB / any network) works only for short term. Unless your website is robust enough to generate its very own organic traffic, threats such as these loom over your business. Begin to thwart off such threats with putting some effort into creating a great user experience for your 1st time casual visitors.


User Experience - @LogicserveDigi
There is no better help than self-help. The best chance to build on your SEO for generating your very own organic traffic is by giving the best user experience to start with.




Well thought out User Experience INVOLVES

  • Enough white space to concentrate on the actual site content
  • Easy navigation to locate primary info on the business.
  • Product / Service specific text & media laid out in an organized manner
  • Call to action – to capture user base minimum user info.


Well laid User Experience IMPROVES

  • Piques visitor’s interest on the product / service.
  • Usability of the product / service
  • 2-way communication with the user
  • User satisfaction index.
  • Willingness to share contact info.


Well executed User experience helps AVOID

  • Badly defined processes
  • Common mistakes/oversights
  • Missed opportunities.


Impact of a good User Experience on SEO. – the windowshopper way

What do we do when something catches our attention while window-shopping? We tend to linger a bit longer on the display window, check out other items on the shop through the window, and possibly get in, and enquire a bit more to our linking. From being an onlooker, the display window has made a potential customer out of us. The chances of making a purchase skyrocketed from 0 to 9, just because we thought that one display was cool, and wanted to see more.

User Experience does the same for your SEO. Here Rand Fishkin gives a more detailed tact behind a good user experience

User Experience - @LogicserveDigi(Img. source:



 Reiterating, URL is for Google, website is for Visitors. SEO is for robots, content is for People. Layout is for browsers, Interaction is for users. As far as we have known, bots have never made a purchase, people do. So, giving the best user experience is a paramount importance to tell the bots that you have your own dedicated organic traffic. Now, no one can pull the plug off your marketing efforts. Beat That!!!!

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