Web 3.0 – Unimaginable Technological Advancements

By admin

  • March 24, 2009,

World Wide Web and information have been interlinked in an inevitable way. If Web1.0 is called a library of information, Web 2.0 allows the world to catch up with each and stay in contact, Web 3.0 will allow you to stay connected as well as effectively retrieve the information from the Internet which basically matches your query and satisfies you thoroughly.

Web 3.0 is enhanced with APIs and mashups so as to provide the user with the best matched response to his query and even allied and related information which could help him even further. For example if you wish to know about a university and a course, the Web 3.0 will provide you information on the course offered in the specified university but along with it you will get to know other universities which offer the same course, similar courses and various other alternatives ways of learning that course. At the same time you can also get links of education counselors, education loans, scope of learning that degree and so on. With the use of mashup, you will be able to view the exact location of the university on the map. In all, you will be able to get a thorough overview of the keyword you have entered….Pretty interesting.

While people take some time to absorb a new technology, you can very well expect the development of technology to develop at a faster rate ….people while hardly blink an eyelid and find enhancements and advancements in the same.

It is very likely that the web will make use of user history and begin displaying things depending upon the keywords you have entered into the browser. In all, you will find the need to communicate with the Internet all the time for smallest of needs and requirements ranging from entertainment, shopping needs, recreation options, education and apart from staying connected with people around the globe.

Staying connected, networking, online shopping, ecommerce and whole lot of activities hover around the Internet and the World Wide Web technology….But a judicious use of this is what should be aimed for and it is in our hands to accept or reject a particular technology. We are human beings after all, the need to communicate and interact is utmost important and essential…but how and to what extent is something which we need to decide upon.

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