Weekend Digital Media News Roundup: Chatbots on Facebook, Pinterest’s trends report, 2017 marketing movements, bot-to-bot marketing and more…

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  • March 10, 2017,
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Logicserve Digital brings to you a curated round-up of important digital marketing updates this week. For further queries, you can write to us at: newsbulletin@logicserve.com

  1. Facebook scales back on chatbots: what does it mean for brands?

According to recent reports, 70% of Facebook Messenger chatbots are failing to fulfil user requests. Consequently, the social network is set to scale back its AI efforts, instead focusing on a more simplistic system to ensure success. (Source: Econsultancy)

  1. Google tells retailers the Trusted Stores program is shutting down

Google began notifying Google Trusted Stores merchants last week that the program will soon wind down. In its place will be Google Customer Reviews. The change was first reported by Exclusive Concepts. (Source: Marketing Land)

  1. Successful Marketing Movements Of 2017

In this information-driven era, it can become quite a challenge to build successful marketing connections with your audiences’. With the data pandemonium, it is difficult to separate the authentic from the unnecessary. Amidst this it is exciting to create. (Source: Logicserve Digital)

  1. Sprinklr Launches Tool To Help Stream Real-Time Social Media Content In DOOH Formats

Sprinklr, a social media management platform, announced on Thursday the launch of Sprinklr Display, which purports to automatically transform social media data into branded content for use in retail stores, command centers, events and digital out-of-home formats. (Source: Media Post)

  1. Pinterest Releases New Monthly ‘Trends to Watch’ Report

Given  that there are well more than 50 billion Pins in “the world’s catalog of ideas”, and over two billion searches are conducted on the platform every month, Pinterest is in a good position to identify emerging trends before they become major shifts. (Source: Social Media Today)

  1. 2017’S Top Five Marketing Trends

The rapidly moving or rather advancing epoch of technology is posing a direct impact on consumer behaviour. With a booming exposure towards various channels like social media, e-mail and mobile usage it has become crucial for ratiocinative technologies. (Source: Logicserve Digital)

  1. Google is shrinking AdWords’ view-through conversion window default

View-through conversions are counted when a user converts after a display or video ad impression is viewable but not clicked on. (Source: Search Engine Land)

  1. Bot-to-bot marketing is coming soon. Are you ready?

This includes voice-based intelligent agents like Google Home’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, and chatbots that interact largely through text conversations.


  1. A 6-Step Guide to Getting AMP Right!

Well, we all know how since the past one year, AMP is booming in the Search space. Initially, AMP pages just appeared on the carousels but since November 2016, these have now started reflecting on Google Search as well. (Source: SEO in Shorts)

  1. Facebook Finally Rolls Out ‘Disputed News’ Tag Everyone Will Dispute

On Friday, Facebook debuted its new flagging system for fake news in America, tagging hoax stories as “disputed” for some users. (Source: Gizmodo)


Expert opinion

How Digital is changing healthcare services delivery?

With the advent of digital technology, many of the ertstwhile paradigms of healthcare services delivery have been challenged.

1) Enhancement of Customer Experience: Outpatient services are managed through web and mobile interfaces to provide seamless customer experience; this has led to improved customer experience.

2) Improving Access: Multiple digital and technical models such as Telemedicine, Teleradiology, Tele ECG and Telemetry devices have dramatically reduced the access gap.

3) Chronic Disease Management and Preventive Healthcare: Messaging services such as WhatsApp and technologies such as Wearables are changing service deliveries in India.

Sumanta Ray- Chief Marketing Officer at Narayana Health: Hospitals & Healthcare


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