Weekend Digital Media News Roundup : Google may pick desktop over AMP, Death of mobile- pop ups, Paytm’s multilingual interface and more…

By Team Logicserve

  • November 18, 2016,

Logicserve Digital brings to you a curated round-up of important digital marketing updates this week. For further queries, you can write to us at: newsbulletin@logicserve.com

  1. Google may pick desktop over AMP page for the mobile-first index

Google’s mobile-first index may index your desktop version over AMP when there is no mobile version of your website.

  1. Four Significant Points To Consider When Using AdRoll

AdRoll uses excellent features to attract new prospects and convert them into customers. While not limiting their services to these two steps alone, they look into ways to maximize customer value further.

  1. Proximity and beacon data now making its way into DSPs for retargeting

When they hear “beacons,” most marketers think of in-store coupons or notifications. Yet retargeting is quickly emerging as a compelling use case for the proximity data and technology.

  1. The death of mobile pop-ups and what you can do instead

Over the past couple of years, Google has shown a strong focus on user experience on mobile devices.

  1. Bing’s ‘My Saves’ feature lets users save video, image and shopping searches across devices

The new feature lets users save an image, video or shopping search result to their ‘My Saves’ folder, which can be accessed across mobile devices and desktop.

  1. Top 5 Free Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use

Marketing tools are indispensable for any digital business. There are various advantages of deploying marketing tools as they help you get an idea about the online marketplace.

  1. Google adds what’s ‘on TV soon’ to search results

Google has added a new section to the Knowledge Panel for what is “on TV soon.” If you search for your favorite television shows, Google may show you the next airing of that show.”

  1. Paytm launches its multilingual interface with 10 regional languages

Paytm is set to unveil its multilingual interface to enable millions of Indians to overcome language barriers and pay and shop in their preferred regional language.

  1. Google formally changes AdWords price extension format to swipeable cards

Google debuted price extensions in July, enabling advertisers to show pricing information about products and services in mobile text ads.

  1. Is it time for Digital Payments?

PM Narendra Modi took the nation by storm by announcing the demonitisation of Rs500 and Rs.1000 notes, what’s being termed as a master-stroke against black money, fake currency and corruption.

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