Weekend Digital Media News Roundup: Google’s local extension display ads, Ad-viewability, Facebook Stories, SimilarWeb’s Digital Insights and more.

By Logicserve News Desk

  • March 17, 2017,
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Logicserve Digital brings to you a curated round-up of important digital marketing updates this week. For further queries, you can write to us at: newsbulletin@logicserve.com

  1. Adblock Plus Has Announced The ‘Acceptable Ads Committee’ Who Will Decide Which Ads It Whitelists

Eyeo, the parent company of Adblock Plus, has named the first members of its Acceptable Ads Committee – an independent board who will decide which online ads some of the world’s most popular ad blockers will whitelist.  Source: Business Insider

  1. Google launches location extension display ads for local businesses

Google debuted a new display ad format on the Google Display Network this week to showcase local business information. The new location extension ad format rolled out in AdWords on Tuesday.  The new ad format shows photos, store location and business hours, as well as an ad headline. Source: Search Engine Land

  1. Ad Viewability – Importance over Impressions and other Interesting Factors

When we talk about first fold of the page that provides more ad viewability, ads placed just above the fold of a page have higher viewability that those at the top of the page. But you need to follow the Adsense ad placement policies also Source: Logicserve Digital

  1. Facebook Expands Test of Facebook Stories, Their Next Big Snapchat Clone

Last week, Facebook opened up access to their latest Snapchat clone – ‘Messenger Day’ – to all of Messenger’s billion plus users, prompting a wave of hot takes and criticism, with many suggesting that the company has gone too far in its battle. Source: Social Media Today

  1. Surprise: Only 12% Of Top Websites Are Using Header Bidding

In the world of digital advertising, header bidding has hit superstar status in the last year or so. But a new report from New York City-based ad tech firm GetIntent — out today — indicates that header bidding is not as popular among one group of leading publishers as you might think. Source : MARTECH TODAY

  1. Google Launches New Communal Video Viewing App Called ‘Uptime’

Google, has launched a new video app which enables users to watch and react to YouTube videos with their friends.Called Uptime, the app lets you share the viewing experience, with an indicator of where you are in the video and the ability to send comments and reaction emojis during platyback. Source: Social Media Today

  1. Mobile Page Speed – Importance & New Industry Benchmarks

If you are wondering how to impress the Google crawlers, first think of the user experience on your site. One of the most important factors for a better user experience is your page speed. With more than half of the searches now on mobile devices, it is imperative to work on your mobile page speeds. Source: Logicserve Digital

  1. New study confirms Google doesn’t use Chrome browser data to discover new URLs

Stone Temple Consulting has published a new study supporting Google’s claim that it doesn’t use Chrome browser data for discovering new URLs for its search index. The test was pretty simple: They created a “couple of pages that Google didn’t know about,” then they had “a bunch of people visit those pages from a Chrome browser.” Source: Search Engine Land

  1. SimilarWeb now offers more granular metrics through Digital Insights

SimilarWeb is out today with a new service that offers a more granular look at the paths taken by online buyers, offering insights that the company says are not available elsewhere. Called Digital Insights, it is a series of custom reports. Source: MARTECH TODAY

  1. Twitter Is Ready to Pitch Advertisers at Digital NewFronts

Twitter is making a formal entry into the world of digital video with a NewFronts event this year. The messaging-media company announced it president a lineup of digital shows present advertisers in May, the first time it will join the annual Digital Content NewFronts. Source: Ad Age India

Expert Opinion

  • Importance of one unified view of consumer who is across multi-channel, multi-device and always “on”.

Today’s consumer wants to interact with the brands across multiple devices and channels. For them it’s a seamless jump from one device to another and they want to experience continuation of the journey from where they left.

Having One View of customer is challenging if there are multiple digital assets (web, app), which use disparate technology stack to deliver and monitor business metrics.  Hence, brands need to create a Unified view of a visitor to customer conversion and their subsequent interactions, to survive in the digital first business of today and tomorrow.

Gaurav Zutshi, Chief Digital Officer – Aditya Birla Financial Services Group


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