Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google Ad’s Smart Bidding Strategy, Facebook’s ‘Off-Facebook Activity Tool’, Twitter’s New Video Ad Bidding and More…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • August 23, 2019,
1. Google rolls out maximize conversion value smart bidding strategy

Google Ads’ new smart bidding strategy is lined up. Maximize conversion value is now available in all Search campaigns which aims to optimize for the greatest conversion value within budget. [Source: Search Engine Land]

2. Facebook’s ‘Off-Facebook Activity Tool’ disconnects user ad targeting data from profiles, doesn’t delete it

Facebook is rolling out an Off-Facebook Activity tool that allows users to see a summary of the apps and websites that have shared their user data with Facebook and gives them the opportunity to clear the information from their Facebook accounts. [Source: Marketing Land]

3. Twitter Launches 6-Second Video Ad Bidding, Providing New Options for Video Marketers

Twitter is launching a new video ad option in the form of 6-second video ad bidding, which will see advertisers only charged if and when their video ad is in view for six seconds. [Source: Social Media Today]

4. Google AdSense, AdMob rolling out system updates for preventing ad spend on invalid traffic

Google is making system updates to fight invalid traffic and suspicious activity on its ad networks, the company announced on Wednesday. It will also give AdSense and AdMob publishers more information when ad serving is restricted as a result of these new measures. [Source: MarTech Today]

5. Google Ads Lets Users Add Filters to the Overview Page

Google Ads is introducing filters to the Overview page. The Overview page is the first place users land on after logging in. That means everyone interacts with this page at some point while using Google Ads. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

6. Facebook Looks to Launch WhatsApp Payments in Indonesia

Facebook clarified that India was not part of its initial rollout plan, which may be due to concerns around cryptocurrency from Indian regulators. WhatsApp is now also in talks with multiple Indonesian digital payment firms over plans to offer WhatsApp Pay in that market. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Google Search Console Shows New Image Search Data for AMP Pages

Google has started to show data in Search Console related to a new image search feature introduced last month. Data will be tracked for images that appear on AMP pages and interacted with via Google’s new ‘swipe to visit’ feature, which is exclusive to AMP. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

8. Google’s lightweight Go search app is now available worldwide

Google has started the global rollout of its lightweight Go search app. As well as being designed to work on low-powered devices, the app also has a few features that the company says are designed for the needs of emerging markets. [Source: The Verge]

9. Google Ads to remove accelerated ad delivery option next month

Google Ads announced a coming change to ad delivery options. The accelerated delivery option will be removed and standard delivery will be the only option for Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as for campaigns with shared budgets. [Source: Search Engine Land]

10. Google announces three big changes for developers on Google Play Store

Google has made some silent changes for publishing new Android app on the Google Play store. The company has made it mandatory that all new Android apps would need at least three days for approval. The other two new changes will make it difficult for developers to have an accurate launch date for new games or future apps. [Source: The Times of India]

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