Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Google Analytics’ New Home Page, Apple’s Search Ads Expansion, New Messenger Tools and more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • April 21, 2017,
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  1. Google Analytics Is Adding A New Home Page

The new home page will show a curated set of data from various reports, including real-time data, traffic sources, user location, devices used to visit your website and so forth. There’s some customization involved, too — users with goals or e-commerce will see a different home page than those without, for example. (Source: MARTECH TODAY)

  1. Facebook Announces Plans to Read Your Mind, the Next Level of Platform Connection

The announcement was made by Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s secretive ‘Building 8’ division which works on their more experimental projects. Dugan explained that their goal is not to read thoughts so much as to provide an easier way to engage in virtual environments – “something as simple as a yes-no brain click”. (Source: Social Media Today)

  1. Facebook Now Lets Businesses Match User Ids Across Messenger And Their Own Apps, Sites

Facebook made it possible for businesses to match the ID it creates when people interact with a business’s Messenger account with the separate ID it creates when people log in to the business’s app or website using their Facebook account. (Source: Marketing Land)

  1. Four ways intent-driven personalization can optimize your digital marketing efforts

The low-attention span of the consumers is making it worse for the businesses to get their message across and gain maximum returns on their investment. So what can you do to thwart your competition and gain the upper hand? Well, personalization is the way to go. (Source : Logicserve Digital)

  1. Here’s How Bajaj Allianz Tapped Right Audience Using Drip Marketing

Bajaj Allianz’s campaign under the moniker ‘Long term two-wheeler insurance plan’ is one such campaign wherein the importance of customized content based on audience’s buyer-stage is effectively highlighted leading to higher conversion rates. (Source: Ad Age India)

  1. WSJ: Google Will Build An Ad-Blocker Into Chrome

Ad blockers for browsers are hardly a new thing, and Google itself already pays into Adblock Plus’ “Acceptable Ads” program, but this is interesting because Google is at its heart an advertising company.  (Source: Engadget)

  1. F8 Update – Facebook Announces its All New Messenger Tools with Focus on Bots

First and foremost, the new bots will add a new discovery tool, which will help you find the relevant option within the app. A Facebook Official mentioned that the new surface will support people browse through the platform intuitively. (Source: Logicserve Digital)

  1. Bing Ads Editor Gets Review Extension Support, Better Keyword Import & More

Thankfully, the new version of Bing Ads Editor supports Review Extensions and will be a godsend for paid search managers everywhere. No longer will advertisers be relegated to the web version for review extensions. (Source: Search Engine Land)

  1. Apple Expanding Successful Search Ads To Three New English-Speaking Markets

Beyond strong retention metrics, Apple said that, on average, its Search Ads are seeing conversion rates of greater than 50 percent, meaning that half the time a user clicks an ad, there’s an install. The company also said that average user acquisition costs are $1 or less. (Source: Search Engine Land)

  1. Facebook’s renamed analytics tool now tracks Pages, in-store purchases

Two years after introducing a rival to Google Analytics, albeit a limited one, Facebook is renaming Analytics for Apps as Facebook Analytics to underscore the tool’s maturation into a legitimate contender that has been used by more than 1 million apps at some point since its introduction. (Source: Marketing Land)

 Expert Opinion

Q. What changes in consumer behaviour should be taken into account while investing in digital media?

The past few years have witnessed some important changes, thanks to the internet penetration in rural India. As per the ‘Year In Search -2016‘ report by Google, consumers have now started searching in their preferred language. Highest Indic search topics over the past 1.5 years were for news, Bollywood, social networking, jobs, etc.

The 10X growth in local language searches, makes us consider regional language platforms as a vital part of our digital media investments. Content has become the king, and good content leads to higher audience engagement. Content, especially in video form, is seeing an exceptional rise. We have also noticed that mobile usage among various TGs has increased. For e.g. Mobiles in 2016 accounted for 37% of all ‘Life insurance’ searches versus 28% in 2015. Hence, mobiles become an important platform.

Generic searches for categories like ‘Mutual funds’ (31% vs. 25%) and ‘Home loans’ (22% vs. 12%) grew faster than brand-related searches. Hence, one has to map the brand’s journey in tandem with the search terms and customer’s journey. So, search (paid and organic) will also be another platform that should be considered while investing.

Interest for ‘Digital currency’ and ‘Plastic money’ grew up to 5X post-demonetization, this behavioural change has an added advantage for many marketers to push their brands across various digital media platforms.

Salil Vaidya, Director & Chief Marketing Officer at DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers Pvt. Ltd


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