Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google Search Console’s URL Tool, Facebook’s Expanded In-Stream Ads, Snapchat’s New AR Campaigns and more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 1, 2020,
1. Google Search Console Adds Copy URL Button

Google’s official announced a small improvement to Google Search Console. Users can now hover over a URL and click an tool-tip style icon to copy the URL to the clipboard. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

2. Facebook Expands Test for In-Stream Ads on Live

Facebook is expanding its test of in-stream ads in Facebook Live to more verticals, including “pre-vetted entertainment, news and sports partners,” the company announced. [Source: Marketing Land]

3. Snapchat Taps into the Rising Popularity of Its Snap Camera for New AR Campaigns

The usage of its Snap Camera webcam add-on rising amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, Snapchat’s working with a range of brands on new, integrated AR campaigns within the tool. [Source: Social Media Today]

4. YouTube’s Running a New Test That Will Provide More Info on Products Featured in a Video

YouTube is testing out a new ‘Products in this Video’ tool, which will provide more context on the specific products that are featured within a YouTube clip. [Source: Social Media Today]

5. Microsoft Advertising adds cookie-based experiment option

Cookie-based experiments are now available on Microsoft Advertising. On selection, customers will only be shown ads from either their experiment or their original campaign when they search. [Source: Search Engine Land]

6. Facebook Moves to Expand its eCommerce Presence in India via WhatsApp Shopping Integration

Facebook post purchasing 10% stake in Jio India is now tapping eCommerce division of Jio by testing an ordering system on WhatsApp, which enables users to order common grocery items within the messaging app. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Snap Launches First Commercial Option on Snapchat Shows

Snapchat is adding a new option for advertisers called “First Commercial.” This offering lets advertisers specify being the first ad a user sees that day in their first Snap show session. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

8. Instagram Publishes New Guide to Help Businesses Make Best Use of the Platform Amid COVID-19

Instagram has published a new COVID-19 playbook for businesses, which outlines a range of ways in which brands and marketers can make best use of the platform’s various tools. [Source: Social Media Today]

9. Shopify launches Shop, a new mobile app

The app is actually an update and rebrand of Arrive, an app for tracking packages from Shopify merchants and other retailers, which the company says has been used by 16 million consumers. [Source: TechCruch]

10. LinkedIn’s Testing New Link Preview Presentation Option

LinkedIn is experimenting with some new link preview presentation formats, which could have implications for the visuals that you use when posting to the platform. [Source: Social Media Today]


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