Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google’s 2020 Core Update, YouTube’s New Ad Formats, Pinterest’s Integration with Shopify and more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 8, 2020,
1. Google May 2020 Core Update rolling out

Google announced it is rolling out a new core update, the May 2020 core update. This is the second core update of the 2020 year, the first one was the January 2020 core update. [Source: Search Engine Land]

2. YouTube brings more ad formats and measurement to TVs

YouTube is giving advertisers a few more tools to reach consumers and measure ad effectiveness on TVs. These tools already exist for YouTube on other platforms, but now the Google -owned video service is bringing them to connected televisions. [Source: TechCrunch]

3. Pinterest Launches Updated Shopify Integration to Streamline the Creation of Shoppable Product Pins

Pinterest has announced that it updated its Shopify app, adding a new option that will enable Shopify merchants to quickly and easily feed their entire product catalogue directly into shoppable Pins. [Source: Social Media Today]

4. Google Adds Rising Retail Trends Tool to Highlight Products Seeing Higher Demand During COVID-19

Google’s ‘Rising Retail Categories’ listing tool will use Google search data to highlight fast-growing, product-related categories in Google Search, along with the locations where they’re seeing more interest, and the extended search queries associated with each. [Source: Social Media Today]

5. Google is suggesting searches based on users’ recent activity

Google is now surfacing suggested search queries based on recent activity. The suggestion appears as a link below the search bar with the modifying term bolded and italicized.  [Source: Search Engine Land]

6. YouTube Is Working on a New Option to Enable Publishers to Sell Subscriptions via Their YouTube Channels

YouTube is working on a new option which would enable publishers to more directly add paying subscribers to their publications via their YouTube channels, providing another means for the video giant to help support the industry. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Google Podcasts finally gets listener analytics

Google Podcasts is finally getting some key analytics for producers by way of the Google Podcasts Manager tool. Owners will be required to go through a verification process, before gaining access to this engagement metrics. [Source: TechCrunch]

8. Google’s got a new Shopping ad test — and it’s a weird one

Google is running a format-blending Shopping ads test. It is accompanied by a clickable text unit. It’s certainly an interesting blending of formats. [Source: Search Engine Land]

9. YouTube rolls out personalized ‘topics filters’ on iOS and Web

YouTube is making it easier for you to watch videos on topics that you like. The streaming company is rolling out recommendation filters in the form of topic bubbles on desktop and iOS that’ll be situated atop your feed. [Source: The Next Web]

10. Google Smart Shopping Beta Testing New Customer Only Goal

Google’s Smart Shopping product is beta testing a new Conversion goal: New Customer Acquisition. Dubbed “NCA,” this new goal type allows advertisers to set Smart Shopping campaigns to optimize towards acquiring new customers specifically. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

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